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Dec 15, 2020


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This week’s guestMike MacBean from Pacific Structures, and this week’s news, Video Call Fatigue, Modular Construction, GoCanvas, Mixed Reality, Autonomous Robotics and more!  

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JAMES: And just a reminder that Construction Executive does a really nice construction technology and software rundown. They did it on the fourth that is today, there’s some good announcements that they rolled out. I’m not going to go into depth on each of these, but. Safe site check-in has new advanced analytics offers a library of dashboards that we’ve talked about safe site before they have a check in web app. Safety tech, software, instant results workers complete a COVID-19 self-assessment. So we still have some more tech rolling out around COVID-19. Trucks drive features advanced scheduling tools and streamlined earnings reports, a one button communication on job sites, GPS assisted location. That’s for logistics and fleet and training. Procorwe’ve already covered this in the past, but they’re real-time pro labor productivity and time materials tickets, that’s a category killer by the way, Procor going after time material tickets and real-time labor productivity is a direct affront to a bunch of companies that are located down the street from Mike that only do T and M tickets and time labor productivity. So I want to point out Procor has just decided to jump right in the water there and compete against some of their, their current informer partners. Trimble Siskew 8.0 has some new and improved workflows for MEPs. Trimble connect for HoloLens version 3.2. I got to use this the other day, features the ability for users to load pre-made sequencing groups for easier fab workflows, super cool. Trimble connect is amazing by the way, I used it the other day to render some prefab construction models inside my lab, and it was awesome. It was reallyreally well put together. And you combo the XR10 and the Snapdragon quad-core processor that’s in the new HoloLens is super awesome. Trimble Connect in the original HoloLens. It wasn’t Trimble connect. The software hadn’t evolved as much and their original HoloLens was kind of underpowered on CPU, not the new HoloLens. It was absolutely spectacular. So go check that out. Our friends Blue Beam continued to expand the studio collaborative software they have and then Bridget Bench is now integrated with BIM 360, XOI technologies is integrated with Pinta, Tool Watch and Procor are now integrated. So you’re seeing a bunch of folks integrating out there and MSuite, somebody we recently had on the show is partnered with construction prefab consultants to help MEP contractors to capitalize on prefab. So, cool announcements go sign up for that over on That is all the news we have today and the end of our lovely show. Mike MacBean, thank you for joining us.  

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