Assisted Living Visitor Management

Receptionists to screen and record attendance on paper are hard to find and expensive.

Safe Site Check In saves Assisted Living facilities money while keeping everyone safe.

Don’t let staff shortages put patient safety at risk. Assisted living facilities must increase their investments in worksite management technology to cope.

Attendance records for residents, staff, contractors and visitors are essential for ensuring health, safety, and physical security.

Visitor management using QR codes and smart phones is now practical for every firm. No more health screening and paper record keeping. Every type of attendee can be directed to their proper location and/or host automatically.

Investing in digital visitor management solutions raises facility safety and customer satisfaction while reducing administration costs. Know who was on-site at the time of any health, security or other kind of incident.

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Benefits of a Digital Visitor Management System for Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living, like many industries, is experiencing a generational shortage of labor. The Covid pandemic, early retirements, inadequate recruiting and skills training plus immigration restrictions have reduced workforce participation to historic lows. Yet automation via technology can happen today, while workforce development can take years, and immigration reform perhaps never.

Routine tasks can be easily performed by visitors and staff using mobile consumer technology. Skilled resources should only perform higher value tasks. Plus digital automation creates new data sources that can be used to run a better business.

Assisted Living facilities have a unique set of challenges. Access to certain areas will be limited by visitor type. Some areas are only for residents, close family and staff, some for healthcare workers and other professionals, and some areas for the general public.

According to the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety, residents are exposed to a number of risks. Contagious diseases are an obvious example, but the elderly and high risk residents are also susceptible to threats from trespassers or unwanted visitors. A long-term care facility’s visitor receptionist process can be challenging, especially when customer service means managing family visitation privileges and preferences.

Automating recordkeeping duties is only one benefit. With Safe Site Check In automation, most visitor reception functions – residents go here, caregivers there, visitors elsewhere – can now be automated. Assisted living staff can now respond only to exceptions while spending more time with residents and less time waiting for arrivals.

With our new onboarding and QR badge features, regular visitors can check in like boarding an airplane. Seeing their family and friends with less wait time increases customer satisfaction.

Because Safe Site Check In is digital, arrival and attendance data is immediately permanently stored in the cloud, encrypted and secured. Visitor logs go online, eliminating paper, data entry and filing, saving not only labor costs, but physical space costs as well.

Automated Visitor Management for Assisted Living Facilities Reduces Risks and Saves Money

All long-term care facilities strive to provide a safe, secure, and productive environment for residents, family, caregivers and employees. And most facilities operate on narrow margins.

These are some of the ways Safe Site Check In can streamline operations:

  • Customer Service – Family and caregivers can see residents faster with fewer delays.
  • Visibility – Staff now has a real-time view of all arrivals and their identity and reason for visiting.
  • Security – Protect residents and caregivers from unwanted visitors. Maintain the confidentiality of all visitor records.
  • Safety – Ensure that each visitor gets necessary safety information and responds to the health screening. Record proof of vaccination.
  • Productivity – Shift your front desk staff’s workload to increase their productivity to higher value tasks. Limit interruptions to only those visitors needing extra help.

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Safe Site Check In – How it Works

Visitors scan a QR code on a facility-specific poster using their smartphone. Alternatively, a visitors without a smart phone can use a tablet. Frst time visitors identify themselves by name, email and phone number. And with our new onboarding and scannable personal QR badges, frequent visitors check in like boarding an airplane.

Safe Site Check In customizes for your facility’s specific needs. For example, supervisor alerts when there’s a health risk, or when deliveries arrive. Visitors can e-sign a liability waiver or view a safety video.

Managers can alert workers to jobsite conditions important for their safety, such as weather conditions, new seasonal disease protocols like the flu, planned construction, or reminders about using personal protection equipment (PPE).

Safe Site Check In stores questions and answers permanently in the cloud for compliance reporting or claims handling. GPS verification makes sure everyone is checking in at the physical location where they should be.

Workers can also create their own password protected profile containing data critical for managing workforce. Profiles contain their certifications, licenses, work permits, training data, vaccination status. And safety data sheets are accessible by anyone onsite from within the app.

The Safe Site Check In webapp is available in English and Spanish. There are no downloads, installs or IT services necessary. Works with any device or browser. Setup is easy and our customer success services help you configure for special needs. For example, a public check-in followed by a restricted access check-in.

With Safe Site Check In, you don’t need an in-house IT team. Anyone can set up a site within minutes. Requires no new hardware or software or downloads staff or visitors. Be up and running in minutes, all for one affordable monthly subscription. Contact Safe Site Check In via our free trial or demo today!