Jobsite Management Data Is Essential

Safe Site Check In’s jobsite management webapp adds huge value to your construction management investment.

Construction Management Software has long had a blind spot: The jobsite, where a project either makes or loses money. To be effective, complex CMS software relies on data entry by field supervisors or engineers to input what happens on a jobsite day to day. Whether the data is collected on paper and then input, or into digital documents or spreadsheets, job overhead costs are adding up unnecessarily. And supervisors and field engineers would much rather spend their time building than typing into screens.

How Digital Data Flows with Safe Site Check In

Safe Site Check In’s jobsite management software helps businesses eliminate unnecessary paperwork and data entry. Construction companies use our daily log automation features and data to increase jobsite productivity and improve workflows.

Juice Your BIM and Project Management Investments

Project Management software describes the workforce and task dependencies of a project, but a project plan without updates is just theoretical.  Building Information Management communicates architecture and design data to the field, but if workers or subcontractors are not showing up, the project is not proceeding. Timesheet applications are fine for employees, but don’t capture subcontractor or salaried employee times on site.

Eliminate jobsite blind spots using Safe Site Check In data. Jobsite attendance and time data is automatically collected into the daily log to provide a complete daily picture. Our data can easily be input into your construction project management software, and when integrated directly, the update process is completely automated.

By connecting our jobsite data to your enterprise software, you will immediately realize job overhead savings that drop directly to the bottom line as profit.

Digitize Paperwork and Unleash Data

Increase Efficiency and Improve Business Operations

How Safe Site Check In Works

Your jobsite or workplace visitors and staff check in by scanning a jobsite-specific QR code poster using any smartphone. Once scanned, first time visitors identify themselves by name, email and phone number. And with our new onboarding and QR badge features, workers can scan in like boarding an airplane using phone or print.

New and repeat visitors answer the questions you customize for your project’s specific needs. Selected responses result in supervisor alerts (e.g., Covid exposure, or a delivery arrival). First time visitors can be presented with a liability waiver or safety training video. A successful check in results in a unique green QR confirmation code. 

Managers can also alert workers to jobsite conditions important for their safety, such as weather conditions, open trenches, open walls, or reminders about using personal protection equipment (PPE). Headquarters departments like HR can remind everyone onsite of hiring referral programs, holiday schedules or payroll events.

Questions and answers are permanently cloud stored for compliance reporting or claims handling. Geographical verification makes sure everyone is checking in at the physical location where they should be.

Workers can also create their own password protected Profile containing data critical for managing a construction workforce. Profiles contain their certifications, licenses, work permits, training data, vaccination status. And safety data sheets are accessible by anyone onsite from within the app.

The Safe Site Check In webapp is available in English and Spanish. There are no downloads, installs or IT services necessary. Works with any device or browser. Setup is easy – printing and laminating QR posters takes the most time – and there are dozens of q&a templates available for customization.

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