What’s New in Safe Site Check In?

Version 12.5 (October 23, 2023)

Auto Checkout
The app now supports automatically checking out visitors after a specified number of hours. The Admin app Account page lets you enable the feature. When enabled, each check in record that does not have an associated check out will automatically record a check out X hours after each check in time.

Version 12.4 (October 10, 2023)

Kiosk Manual Checkout
The check in Kiosk app has been improved to let visitors manually check out. When the Check Out button is selected, the user can search for their name, then tap to check out.

Version 12.3 (September 15, 2023)

Site Specific Company Badge Control
The Admin app has been improved to let you control whether a specific company’s personal QR Code Badges are enabled for use at specific job sites.

Version 12.2 (August 30, 2023)

Allow/Deny Specific QR Code Badges
The check in app has been improved to deny a check in attempt for users that have been made inactive by Admins.

Version 12.1 (August 17, 2023)

Users Page Filter
The page has been improved to let you search for users by company name. This lets you quickly find all users associated with a specific company.

Version 12.0 (August 7, 2023)

Company Delegation

A whole new set of capabilities to let you delegate user management to other companies, such as subcontractors. This lets you offload the time and burden of managing a large number of users across multiple companies and their personal QR Code badges.

  • Admins can create a Company list. This is designed to let you then add users to a specific company.
  • Admins can create Users with a Company Admin role. A Company Admin can only create/manage users and issue QR Code badges to those associated with their company.
  • Role Specific Welcome emails. The app sends welcome emails to newly created users. There are now different email messages sent for each role: Admin, Company Admin, No Role.

Version 11.4 (July 22, 2023)

Personal QR Badge Layout
Improvements to print badges in portrait or landscape and include the host company name.

Misc Improvements
Performance and usability improvements to the admin app.

Version 11.3 (June 30, 2023)

Personal QR Badge Photo
The admin app has been updated to let you add a user’s photo to their profile. The photo is shown on their personal QR code badge.

Express Check In
The Kiosk (tablet) mode has been updated to let individuals quickly check in with their QR code badge. Express mode by-passes any check in prompts and quickly grants access to a site.

Version 11.2 (May 30, 2023)

Kiosk Mode and Personal QR Codes
Kiosk (tablet) mode  lets you set up a device at your site that lets individuals check in and out. Kiosk mode is improved in this release to support express check-ins (skips check in questions) and also scan a badge to check out. This new capability offers a more secure check in as individuals must be present on the site to scan their Personal QR Code Badge to check in.

Check out the following video to see how Kiosk Mode works: https://youtu.be/62Gu9upSLzo
Check out the following video to see how Personal QR Codes work: https://youtu.be/_9xirPNRHGg

Version 11.1 (May 16, 2023)

Kiosk Mode and Personal QR Codes
Kiosk (tablet) mode lets you set up a device at your site that lets individuals check in and out. Kiosk mode is improved in this release to scan individual QR Code Badges to check in. This new capability offers a more secure check in as individuals must be present on the site to check in. Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/62Gu9upSLzo

Procore Integration Improvement
The schedule update to Procore Manpower logs now has a new option to suppress comments from being populated in each record that pur app creates. There is a new property called Populate Manpower Comments that enables/disables the comments.

Version 11.0 (April 27, 2023)

Personal QR Code Badges
The app has a major improvement that creates a unique badge for every user that is defined in the app. The badge contains a unique QR Code that can be used by Kiosk device(s) at a job site to securely check in users. Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/_9xirPNRHGg

Version 10.3 (February 18, 2023)

Scheduled Report Improvements
The update contains several improvements: The app now lets you send log reports that filter based on those who have not checked out or who checked out with a reported injury, you can now also send a text message when scheduled content is created.

Version 10.1 (January 18, 2023)

Visitor Types and Procore Daily Log
Safe Site Check now lets you populate entries into the Procore Manpower and Visitor logs based on the type of visitor that checks into the app. This video shows how it works: https://youtu.be/AkCcAqt6Rmc

Version 10.0 (January 6, 2023)

Site Observations and Procore Integration
Everyone that checks into a site can record observations with photos, videos, and other attachments. The observations can be also loaded into Procore Daily Log Notes. Check out this quick video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/HFxmP-NSfGE

Version 9.0 (September 20, 2022)

Supervisor Notification Messages
Site supervisors can create messages that visitors see and must acknowledge as part of their check in. This gives your field teams the flexibility to post their own messages for their sites. Check out this quick video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/b7paiO0Fi0k

Increased Location Verification Ranges
We have added two new distances to accommodate larger job sites footprints: 1500 and 6000 feet. These options are intended to reduce the number of false out of range Location Not Verified errors when a visitor checks into a site.

Version 8.5 (August 2, 2022)

Company Personnel Profiles
Admins can now centrally create profiles for your company’s employees that not only include contact information, but also professional certifications. Check out this quick video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/LiwknoiPi4Y

Admin Check In Modification
Admins now can modify the check in time of visitors. The app keeps an audit trail of who makes changes to check in data.

Improved Procore Integration
The app now provides more meaningful messages when Procore daily log data is updated, and better handles skipping updates to projects whose daily logs have been closed for the day.

Improved Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management
It is now possible to search for safety data sheets by name or company name. We have also added the ability for admins to delete Safety Data sheets associated with a site.

Version 8.2 (June 30, 2022)

Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain important safety and hazard information about your materials on site. You can make these quickly accessible and viewable by anyone at a site with a QR Code scan. See https://youtu.be/Vj_YGTZiFeo

Version 8.1 (May 20, 2022)

Automatic Procore Company and Location Updating
Our Procore integration now directly hooks into each Project ID’s Company and Location lists. This eliminates the need to manually maintain the lists in the Safe Site Check In Admin app.

Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/Qjk1aeikdbM
Check out the updates to the Procore Integration Guide (PDF Download): https://checkin.id/319qLLW

  1. From the admin.safesitecheckin.com app, select a site.
  2. Remove the Procore Project ID value, then Save the change.
  3. Select the site again, then re-enter your Procore Project ID, then Save your change.

Check Out with Injury Confirmation
Our customers have told us that they rely on Safe Site Check and all its historic data to mitigate risks with incidents that are claimed to have occurred in the past. We have introduced the Check Out with Injury feature as part of the Advanced Edition. When enabled, this feature requires a visitor to declare whether they were injured on the job when they check out. If they claim they are injured, they can provide a description of the nature of the injury, and als upload photos. The check in record retains a visitors yes/no response to the injury question, and is visible to your team through the app. You can also define a Unjury Check Out alert.This sends alerts to team members when someone checks out and reports an injury. Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/h5ljhEF2k-U

Version 8.0 (April 22, 2022)

Product Editions
Over time we have introduced new capabilities based on customer feedback. We now have two different editions for purchase: Basic and Advanced. Our existing customers, as of April 30 2022, will automatically have their licenses set to the Advanced edition. The advanced edition includes the following features that will not be available in the Standard edition: Broadcast Alerts, Procore Integration, Other App Integrations, Geo Fencing, Kiosk Mode and Check In Response Audit as described below.

Major New Feature! Check In Response Audit
Our customers have asked for the ability to save and view each check in visitor’s responses. The primary reason cited is the need to know precisely what questions a visitor was asked, their responses, and a view of PDF document content, and web links, that a visitor may have acknowledged and agreed to as part of their check in.
Visibility to this data is important to mitigate any legal risk for issues that may arise from past incidents.

Starting with this release, the responses are being recorded. With the Advanced edition, Admins and Supervisors will be able to see the data through the app and download responses to a PDF file. Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/ErmIBLNA4GY

A new browser app has been created to let workers create their personal profile. The Profile contains a person’s photo, full contact Information that goes beyond what you may normally ask as part of a check in (like Emergency contacts), and certifications (OSHA training, operator licenses, safety training, and more!). When a visitor checks in, they can link their profile.

Our customers have indicated that visibility to this data helps mitigate risk by seeing if visitors have the required certification to enter or perform certain tasks on a job site. Our customers have also indicated that capturing this information through our app eliminates the need for your company admins to track down and centrally store your employees certifications.  Your Admins and Supervisors will be able to see the Profile information for anyone that has checked into a site.

Setting up a profile is easy to do and only takes a few minutes for a one time setup. The user can also quickly update their profile over time. If you want visibility to the extended data from a visitor’s profile, then you must ask them to use the app with their web browser at app.safesitecheckin.com. Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/-9zKMzjR_DI

Branded QR Codes
We have improved QR Codes to include an embedded Site Site Check In logo. This has been done to mitigate a scenario where someone tries to hijack a check-in by placing a fake QR Code onto a check-in poster. The new QR Code will visually let you know that your code is valid. The new QR Code format applies to any newly created site. You can also re-issue a QR Code for an existing site by downloading a QR Code poster.

Admin App Improvements
Some of our customers have asked for ways to filter out inactive sites and users from pages in the Admin App. This release now shows only Active Sites from the Sites list page, and Active Users from the Users page. The top of these pages now has a filter control that lets you filter the page content, for example, the Users page. We have also added more descriptive information to the Customize pages to make it easier to see which Check In flow is currently being edited.

Version 7.4 (March 17, 2022)

Remembering Terms
The check in app now has a Kiosk mode feature.  This is designed to let you use a tablet at check in location to let visitors who do not have a smart phone check in. Check out the following video to see how it works: https://youtu.be/7ylV8paZ8gQ

Version 7.3 (March 11, 2022)

Improved Broadcast Alerts
We made improvements to matching company names in Procore projects when populating Manpower logs.

Version 7.1 (Jan 25, 2022)

Improved Broadcast Alerts
Based on popular feedback, we have made two improvements.

  • First, you can now send Broadcast messages to visitors who have checked-in on the current day, in the last 7 days, or the last 30 days.
  • Second, you can now send Broadcast messages to visitors who selected a specific check-in flow.

Check out this quick video to see how this works: https://youtu.be/IBFWx9D6i9Q

Version 7.0 (Dec. 25, 2021)

Procore Integration Option
You can now load Safe Site Data directly into Procore Daily Logs. This lets you automate pushing daily data into Manpower and Visitor Logs, eliminating the daily burden and error prone process of manual tracking and manual data entry into Procore.Setting this up is quick, see the following for more information:

The integration has an add-on option license fee, however the fee will be waived for early adopters. Please contact our team for more information.

Visual Indicator on Modified Check Ins
The app lets your team modify check in records and keeps an audit log of changes. The Site Activity Visitors page now has an icon to let your team know which check in records have been modified.

Customize User Experience Improvements
We continue to make the setup to customize your check in easier and have added new icons that show the list entry flows associated with each field.

Version 6.8 (Nov. 11, 2021)

Remembering Terms
A new Remember Me option has been added to check in terms. The option lets you control whether a previously checked off term is remembered (remains checked) for subsequent check-ins.

Scheduler Run Now
The scheduler has been improved to let you run a schedule item on Demand. To Run Now, select a given schedule’s menu (the one with the 3 dots), and see the new option.

Prior Day Granted Badge Color
Visitors can bring up their check in badges by selecting a check in record on their device from https://app.safesitecheckin.com/. Prior day granted badges are now shown with a white background. This is designed to reduce cases where visitors attempt to show a prior day’s badge to on site personnel.