Improve Workforce Management With Worker Profiles

Your workers create a password-protected profile containing their certifications, licenses, permits, vaccination status and training history.

Workplace safety is critical not only in hard-hat industries like workforce Management Construction, Manufacturing, and Distribution, but in healthcare sensitive industries like Assisted Living could benefit from an effective visitor software management. One accident can destroy a project, even an entire company, and any incident or claim can eat up all a project’s profits.

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Workplace safety is assured by supervisors who are trained on best practices combined with knowledge of an individual worker’s training and certifications. 

Turnover and job hopping is common, so as new employees arrive and see old ones leave, it’s vital to maintain up-to-date employee profiles. And not all workers are employees: Most industries now employ subcontractors or independent “gig” workers for many tasks.  

Memory is unreliable, and certain certifications and licenses have expiration dates. Compliance requirements for work permits and vaccination status may change site by site. Without worker profile data, making safe management plans and jobsite decisions can be inconsistent, slow and ineffective. Headquarters departments like HR may need access to profile information as well. 

Safe Site Check In’s worker profiles makes essential data about your workers, whether they are employees or not, easily accessible when you need it most. Combined with a worker’s job history, site managers are able to make optimal decisions faster.

Automate Your Worker Profile System With Safe Site Check In

The Safe Site Check In system frees up managers and supervisors from the task of manually entering check in, worker profile and jobsite safety data. We free up valuable jobsite management time, reducing jobsite overhead costs. Managers can focus on more critical tasks and now have the data to make better, faster jobsite decisions.

Worker profiles are password protected and can contain a wide variety of information depending on your needs. This includes emergency contact information, licenses and certifications, training history, work experience, vaccination status, and is extensible as needed.

With the help of our solution, you can implement more efficient and streamlined construction workforce management. Common jobsite management decisions that need this data include jobsite task assignments and granting access to tools or equipment. Common compliance reports that need this data include vaccination status, certification validation. Common HR and employee development uses include training planning, apprenticeship documentation, and hiring projections.

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Importance of Maintaining Updated Worker Profiles

Worker profiles benefit both management and workers. Profile updates are easily performed by a worker themself using our jobsite webapp. However, managers can review and perfect this information also using other data sources, such as HR. Time updates means you can validate safety records and enforce safety protocols and training in a timely manner.

Workers benefit from profiles as well. First, all their relevant credentials can be stored in one place, digitally, and quickly accessed from their phone. Maintaining an apprenticeship skills log is one example of a workforce development use case. Combined with their jobsite check in history, the essential data for a personal resume or curriculum vitae can be exported as a document.

Worker profile data is password protected and only accessible by the firm or the worker. Safe Sie Check In is fee for service, and does not rely on advertising that shares user data.

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