Safe Site Check In for Workplaces

Helping businesses reopen with confidence

Reopen offices and workplaces safely and confidently

Ensuring a safe workplace is not easy and it is now more complicated than ever with the additional requirements from COVID-19 guidelines and mandates. Safe Site Check In helps office managers keep workplaces open and safe for tenants, employees, visitors, and vendors.

Join thousands in reopening offices safely with Safe Site Check In using rich data, analytics, and smart alerts to keep workplaces open, safe, and productive every day!

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Ampirical replaces spreadsheets and PDFs to manage offices and sites nationwide more efficiently

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Safe Site Check In Ensures Health and Safety…

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Fast and Easy Screening

Deploy in less than 5 minutes and screen thousands with no training, paper, shared devices, software to install or apps to download

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Privacy and Security

HIPAA and PCI Compliance built with strong security on the Google Cloud Platform

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Available in English and Spanish at any time during the screening process.

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Scale easily with flexibility

Customizable for each site or tenant for unique requiremnts with no user limits

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Smart Notifications

Know who’s on site, when, how long, and their company in minutes. Plan ahead by scheduling visitors and vendors

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Rich Analytics and Reports

Improve operations, compliance, and decision-making with rich and interactive reports and dashboards 


An overview of how Safe Site Check In works

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