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Keeping Offices and Job Sites Safe & Healthy

Lessons from Construction Industry

December 3, 2020 – 2 pm ET / 11 am PT

A discussion with construction leaders about managing health and safety screening of large-scale construction, office, and industrial operations for employees, vendors and visitors.


Nearly 75% of construction companies have changed their work and site procedures for health and safety due to COVID-19 per Dodge Analytics. As businesses across the country reopen offices (or planning to) and establish Return to Office (RTO) guidelines amidst uncertainty and various local, regional, and national mandates and guidelines, there are many lessons to be learned from the construction industry. Mostly considered as “essential” business, contractors have managed and adapted their sites, facilities, tools, policies and procedures for employees, tenants, and visitors to provide safe, healthy, and compliant work places since March 2020.

Join construction industry leaders for a webinar panel discussion to learn about their experience and tips from managing large-scale construction, office, and industrial operations with many employees, vendors and visitors. Attendees can engage the panel with their own questions about the following topics:

  • Things to consider when reopening job sites and offices
  • Tools and technologies to help manage daily operations
  • Reassuring employees, visitors and tenants
  • Ensuring compliance with local, regional and federal guidelines and mandates
  • Lessons learned and best practices
  • What’s ahead: Beyond the pandemic

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Neil Serr

Director of Field Operations

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Rod Courtney

Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

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David Ward

Founder & CEO

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