Make Jobsite Management Easy TM

Jobsite management software for badging, attendance & safety screening using QR codes.

Capture the daily log data essential for supervisor, project, safety, workforce, cost and compliance managers.

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Easily Automate Jobsite Daily Log Reports

Easy to Setup or Manage

  • Our jobsite management app works on any device
  • Project managers, site supervisors, administrators or safety managers can setup a site in minutes
  • Integrates jobsite data with project software
  • Provides a complete view of all jobsites in real-time
  • Enterprise level availability and security
  • 2,000,000 check-ins, 340,000 users, 4200 sites since launch!

Save Money on Every Check In

Why Use Jobsite Management Software?

Workforce Management

  • Project onboarding and badging system
  • Verify access with or without phone
  • Validate hours worked
  • Employees, subcontractors, vendors, visitors 
  • Worker photos, skills and certs
  • Safety screening and training
  • Compliance recordkeeping

Efficient Project Management

Safety and Security

  • Customize screening to owner, government or company policies
  • Onboarding training
  • Notify workers of risky conditions
  • Always know who is or was on a jobsite
  • Record observations and incidents
  • Complete Project Safety Assessments
  • Distribute safety data sheets
  • Broadcast to workers on site

Compliance & Risk

  • Document identity & legal employment
  • Employees, subcontractors, vendors, etc.
  • eVerify/I9 requirements across USA
  • Record who was on site, when, how long
  • UK Building Safety Act compliance
  • Comply with foreign worker laws
  • Permanent, secure cloud storage
  • Query, reporting and data export

How Safe Site Check In Works

  • Point your smartphone at the unique QR code on the poster at the check-in site, OR
  • Use your QR code badge to scan in just like boarding a plane
  • Answer entry questions – in English or Spanish (other languages available upon request)
  • Get immediate notification if you’re allowed to enter the space
  • No software or hardware to buy, install or training
  • Kiosk(tablet) mode available for visitors without phones

Give it a Try

Scan, Tap, or Click the QR Code below to see how our cloud-based check-in app works on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Who Uses Safe Site Check In

General Contractors and Construction Business Owners

General and specialty contractors and use Safe Site Check In to:

  • Perform QR code jobsite check ins of employees, subcontractors and visitors
  • Get agreement to all jobsite policies required by owners, general contractors, engineers, OSHA, union, government regulations
  • Know who, what, where, when and how on jobsites in real time
  • Best app for construction daily reports
Despite the Hype, Construction Tech Will be Hard to Disrupt
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Any Industry or Commercial Jobsite where Safety and Compliance is Essential

  • Utilities, Manufacturers, Warehouses
  • Industrial Labs, Government Services
  • Assisted Living, Healthcare
  • Automate security, access, safety recordkeeping
  • Comply with public health and safety guidelines
  • Manage how many people are on site or a site zone

Event, Media Production & Office Worksite Management

Event organizers, media production and office managers use Safe Site Check In to:

  • Manage entry and exit of employees, contractors, visitors and performers
  • Capture digital signatures on liability waivers
  • Record vaccination status
  • Abide by venue capacity regulations
  • Customize questions to engage guests onsite
  • Verify customer contact information for CRM
  • Automate daily log compliance recordkeeping
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How Jobsite Management Software Data Flows 

Safe Site Check In App in Smartphone
SSCI Data Flow Diagram
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Using Safe Site Check In allows us to eliminate the paper-based check in process and provide employees with a simple, safe and secure way to check in. Since field workers have such an easy time using it, and the app saves hours of time checking in to a job site, we rely on it as part of our daily job site protocol.

Erin Overaa Dissman

IT Director, Overaa Construction

When we needed a safe, secure way to manage workers in the field and in the office, we researched the latest mobile check-in apps. Based on a thorough evaluation, our extensive safety and privacy requirements, and a cost conscious budget, Safe Site Check In was the obvious choice.

Rod Courtney

Safety and Environmental Manager, Ampirical Solutions

The flexibility to add or update questions based on language or mandates from the CDC or local health authorities is key to expanding our use of Safe Site Check In across all of our sites in Texas.

Karen Kachmar

CFO, Structura

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