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The fastest and easiest way for General Contractors, Owners and Builders to comply with COVID-19 and related health directives at their job sites and prevent site closure while protecting personal health information.

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Do not use this form to check into a job site. You must use the site QR Code.

No use este formulario para registrarse en un sitio de trabajo. Debe usar el Código QR del sitio.

Prevent Shutdowns. Save Time.

Using Safe Site Check In means full compliance with local health directives, and a reduced risk of site shutdown by inspectors.

Be a Community Player

A touchless, quick, job site check-in process reassures your workers, inspectors, site visitors and nearby residents that you take their safety seriously.

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  Open the camera app on your smartphone.

  Point your phone at the QR code shown here.

  Receive prompt and start the check-in process.

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Easy Check-in Process

Job Site Visitors answer health and safety questions in just seconds after pointing their smartphone camera at a QR code.

Flexible Question Configuration

Change the list of site entry questions and terms down to a site level as needed by health directives and your business.

Touchless Mobile Experience

Eliminating the shared use of sign-in sheets, pens, iPads or other devices reduces the risk of disease transmission.

Visitor Logs and Contact Tracing

Admins and supervisors view live visitor logs and reports that enable contact tracing over a range of time.

Instant Covid-19 Compliance

Supervisors instantly confirm attendance and compliance and are immediately notified of any job site health risks.

Multi-Language Visitor Support

Out-of-the-box support for English and Spanish site visitors, with the option to add other languages as needed.

“Safe Site Check In saves us up to two hours per day per jobsite. One superintendent recently said, “It’s a beautiful thing” compared to using paper forms.”

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