About Safe Site Check In

We Make Jobsites More Productive and Safer for Supers, Project and Safety Managers, Workers, Visitors.

Our Safe Site Check In web app can Make Jobsite Management Easy(tm). SSCI automates check in with safety screening, badging, onboarding and daily log creation. Our solution has been used on thousands of sites for millions of screenings in construction and other industrial worksites by thousands of employees and visitors every day. Used worldwide, built and supported in the USA.

Company FAQ

What is Safe Site Check In?

Use the Safe Site Check In to Make Jobsite Management Easy(tm). Automate worker onboarding badging and check-in to provide project & safety managers with the data that increases productivity, safety & profits. We are used across North America in multiple industries to process thousands of workers and visitors everyday.

When and why was Safe Site Check In founded?

The company was launched in June 2020 to address the growing need for a safe, secure way to check into work or public spaces using a smartphone and answering COVID-19 related health questions. The app grew to eliminate outdated processes such as paper-based check-in sheets and visitor logs or shared tablets. Most recently, our QR badging supports check-ins with or without a phone. Built and supported in the USA.

How does Safe Site Check In work?

To use Safe Site Check In, employees and visitors point their smartphone at a unique QR code posted at the jobsite. No download required. Screening questions optional. During onboarding, workers can receive a QR badge that can be scanned from their phone or paper printing. 

What are the benefits of using Safe Site Check In?

Automates paper based or manual data entry of worker and visitor attendance by jobsite supervisors. Captures screening questions and answers, or digital signatures of waivers or safety advisories. Automates visitor management. Data is immediately available to HQ and permanently, securely archived.

Is Safe Site Check In only for COVID-19?

No. The need for a streamlined check in process at work and public spaces has been long overdue for a technology makeover. Instead of old fashioned, public, paper-based sign-in sheets, Additionally, it provides facilities managers with real time awareness and emergency communications.

How long does it take to get Safe Site Check In up and running?

The initial site setup time is about 5 minutes. Company administrators can then add sites and create QR posters or badges also in minutes. Integrations with plattforms like Procore Technology takes about 30min.

Can I set up my own Safe Site Check In dedicated areas?

Yes. The Administrator functionality allows managers, supervisors, and other appointed staff to create their own check-in sites in minutes for faster, safer openings and reopenings of work areas and buildings. Provides greater control and visibility into the people on a job site or in a building.

Our Founding Team

Our culture is one of teamwork, collaboration with our customers, partnership with other firms, commitment to results, and respect for the needs of all our stakeholders, from executives to managers and all the users that experience Safe Site Check In.

David Ward

David Ward


Tom Tortolani

Tom Tortolani


Adam Barry

Adam Barry


Kathleen Keating

Kathleen Keating

Public Relations

Siva Darivemula

Siva Darivemula


Valerie Cobb

Valerie Cobb


Alex Ward

Alex Ward


Stephanie Heald

Stephanie Heald


Our Mission

Safe Site Check In welcomes and records everyone that comes to a jobsite or commercial worksite, bringing the benefits of digitization at an affordable price, with all the attributes of large enterprise applications, such as security, privacy, reliability, support, customization, and accessibility.

Our Story

Safe Site Check In was founded by 30+yr enterprise software veterans. We wanted to help the industry get back to work mid-pandemic. But we also wanted to advance digitization benefits in an industry with a poor productivity and safety record.

Built and supported in the USA, our web app has a consumer-friendly design that uses mobile and cloud technologies to create a true business application without downloads for any mobile smartphone, tablet, or browser. Easy to use and deploy is our guiding rule. 

Launched in July 2020, we quickly found customers across North America with many of the world’s premier construction firms, keeping an essential industry operating throughout the pandemic.

Our initial product proved the value of paperless site check-in to increase safety and efficiency while capturing invaluable project data. Next, we automated the daily log, saving field operations hours of management time everyday. Now, every month, we enhance Safe Site Check In to make our check-in data even richer and more easily usable by the most demanding jobsites.

We are proud to say that Safe Site Check In has proved affordable, easy-to-use, secure and reliable — a complete business solution — that is recommended by leading engineering, project, safety and workplace design consultants.

Now, we are finding customers in other industries and commercial worksites as well: Manufacturing, event venues, financial service offices, government services, wholesale suppliers, schools, senior living, healthcare – with more being discovered everyday. Whatever your industry, you’ll find our products the best business solution value available anywhere.

Core Values

Safe Site Check In was created in the USA with the values we hold dear, including:


Serve customers as intently as they serve theirs


Software that works the first time, every time


Execs, managers, trades people & admins


Build-to-Last, scale to millions, available 24/7


Neither training nor IT support required


Great technology needn’t be expensive


Data that is always accurate, secure, private


Customers are our partners creating great workplaces