On-Set and In-Studio Media Production Safety Management

Ensure crew & performer safety, reduce compliance risk, and automate daily log with QR codes.

QR code check-in for crew, visitors, and non-union extras.

  • Easily manage health screening requirements
  • Verify time of crew arrival and departure
  • Keep records private and secure
  • Improve jobsite safety on set or in studio
  • QR badges perform check-in like boarding an airplane

Safe Site Check In is an elegant solution that worked very well and made my life a lot easier.

Jessica Ruiz

Partner and Executive Producer, Related Production

Related Production Keeps Staff Safe, on Schedule, and Saves Time

With Safe Site Check In, Related Production was able to streamline requirements for call sheets, crew information and dedicated staff to manage screening and the onboarding process.

Production Companies Use Safe Site Check In to:

  • Document the arrival and departure of production crew, staff, vendors, and guests
  • Privately and securely streamline on location information collection and reporting
  • Minimize workload, cost, and risk associated with implementing health and safety mandates

In minutes you can create a custom QR code and a sign with your company logo to support an unlimited number of check-ins.

Try It Now

Open the camera on your smartphone

Point your phone at the QR code shown here

Receive a prompt and start the check-in process

Scan, Tap, or Click the QR Code below
Digital checkin for media production

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