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Mar 10, 2021 | Case Study, Film Production

Case Study

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New health and safety protocols for onboarding on location required more resources, additional costs, and potential for adding hours of administrative burden everyday.


  • Use Safe Site Check In for digital screening and onboarding of location staff
  • Streamline information collection, recording, and reporting easily
  • Deploy in minutes with no IT


  • Saved hours each day
  • Minimized overhead with massive productivity gains

SAFE SITE CHECK IN is an elegant solution that worked very well and made my life a lot easier.

Jessica Ruiz

Partner and Executive Producer, Related Production

Executive Summary

As 2021 started, Related Production was working on 5 projects across the United States in California, Oregon, and Texas. Execution required supporting industry’s new rules, health and safety protocols for onsite screening and PPE distribution for COVID Compliance and workplace safety.

With Safe Site Check In, Related Production was able to streamline requirements for call sheets, crew information and dedicated staff to manage screening and the onboarding process. Safe Site Check In’s affordable monthly subscription fee without user and data limits helped lower costs of COVID compliance significantly and support entire sites easily with a single production assistant.


COVID compliance in Film and Advertising production requires dedicated staff. Everyone on location must fill out a personal COVID safety checklist prior to arrival on set, and confirm that they will comply with protocols and guidelines prior to receiving their PPE for the shoot day. A coordinator then enters this information into a spreadsheet or database for tracking and reporting. Additional information may be required by local mandates, in addition to privacy and confidentiality requirements of HIPAA. This adds up to several hours of administrative work each day on site.

Using Safe Site Check in helped reduce the workload, save hours of administrative burden and costs of COVID compliance. Instead of multiple resources, Related Production was often able to use a single production assistant, saving hours each day. Safe Site Check In’s affordable monthly subscription fee helped lower the daily costs of COVID compliance significantly and the ability to put together a full contact tracing report, if needed, in a just few minutes was icing on the cake.

Related Production expects to make Safe Site Check In a part of every project going forward and believes it has the potential to help every film, event, and advertising production companies manage their operations and projects smoothly, and improve profitability during the pandemic and beyond.

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