Frequently Asked Questions

Safe Site Check In FAQs


What is Safe Site Check In?

Safe Site Check In provides a safe, touch-free, and paperless health and safety screening process that prioritizes privacy and enables safe, compliant and healthy business and facility operations. We are used across North America to process thousands of employee and visitor screenings everyday.

When and why was Safe Site Check In founded?

The company was launched in June 2020 to address the growing need for a safe, secure way to check into work or public spaces using a smartphone and answering COVID-19 related health questions to ensure that everybody in the area is symptom-free. Additionally, the app allows companies to eliminate outdated processes such as paper-based check-in sheets and visitor logs or shared tablets. This reduces the spread of viruses, saves hours of time resulting in greater employee productivity, enhances security by knowing who has checked-in to work or a public building while protecting personal information, and allows employers to easily reconcile hours worked with invoices and contracts.

How does Safe Site Check In work?

To use Safe Site Check In, employees and visitors point their smartphone at a unique QR code posted at the job site or in the office or public building and answer COVID-19 health-related questions required by local health directives – no download required. They are denied or approved access to the location and receive a daily digital entry badge. Site supervisors and HR administrators can see the health status of everybody onsite and are immediately notified of potential health issues.

What are the benefits of using Safe Site Check In?

It provides assurance that everybody in an area is symptom-free of COVID-19 and it supports contact tracing if someone does contract the virus. Since employees and visitors check in via their smartphone, personal health information is not stored by the employer or facility manager. This helps ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, as well OSHA ratings.

Is Safe Site Check In only for COVID-19?

No. The need for a streamlined check in process at work and public spaces has been long overdue for a technology makeover. Instead of old fashioned, public, paper-based sign-in sheets, Safe Site Check In makes it easy for anybody to safely and privately enter a public space and know they are surrounded by others that are not showing signs of carrying a life threatening virus. Additionally, it provides facilities managers and event organizers with a way to know who is in a building, at a sporting event, or other public places in the event of an emergency — all without compromising personal information.

How long does it take to get Safe Site Check In up and running?

The setup time is about 5 minutes. Company administrators can then add sites and create QR posters within minutes

Can I set up my own Safe Site Check In dedicated areas?

Yes. The Administrator functionality allows managers, supervisors, and other appointed staff to create their own check-in sites in minutes for faster, safer openings and reopenings of work areas and buildings. This feature also provides greater control and visibility into the people on a job site or in a building.

What is the cost of Safe Site Check In?

Safe Site Check In’s starting price is $79 per month, per each active site with unlimited number of employee and visitor screenings.

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How do you do contact tracing?

In the event of COVID-19 transmission at a location that uses Safe Site Check In, we are able to use personally identifiable information (PII) to help employers inform others that they might have been exposed to the virus. However, the employee’s name is not disclosed and Safe Site Check In does not have access to their personal health information (PHI).

Who keeps track of a user’s personal health information?

That information remains on the visitor’s phone and Safe Site Check In’s cloud service does not share nor store it.

What happens if an employee or visitor is denied access?

The site supervisor and/or HR is immediately notified via text.

How do you determine which health questions to ask?

They are based on federal and local guidelines specific to COVID-19, and can be customized by the employer based on OSHA, state and local health directives, or employer-specific business requirements.

Who sees the information on employees that are admitted or denied access to work?

The company determines who has access to visitor logs. Most site log viewing is, typically, limited to supervisors and HR, but a company can designate anyone they choose. Viewers do not have access to specific health information answers; they are notified only when an employee or site visitor was denied site access.

How does Safe Site Check In support HIPAA compliance and the risk of viewing health data?

By not storing personal health information. Personal health information (PHI) remains on the user’s phone as they answer survey questions. Safe Site Check In’s cloud service does not store or have access to PHI.

What if we must take a visitor’s temperature?

Have all visitors use Safe Site Check In first. Then assign a site entry supervisor to take temperatures using a skin thermometer. If a visitor measures over 100.4 degrees, the supervisor should deny the visitor entry. If contact tracing by public health authorities is necessary, Safe Site Check In will have all required information.


Does Safe Site Check In allow customers to change the questions?

Yes, Safe Site Check In will customize the questions based on state guidelines, your business protocols, or other best practices.

Do employees and visitors log on to the Safe Site Check In website?

No. They access Safe Site Check In using their mobile camera phone pointed at a unique QR code at the job site or inside the building.

What languages does Safe Site Check In support?

Safe Site Check In is currently available in English and Spanish and can be customized to support other languages.

What if my phone has problems scanning the QR Code?

First, make sure your phone settings are turned on to read QR codes. There is a “QR Code Reader” line on the Android settings. On an iPhone, Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap next to QR Code Reader. Then, Open Control Center, tap the QR code reader, and position your iPhone so that the code appears on the screen.

Also, always use the camera on your smartphone. Some smartphone models don’t scan from the camera, in this case, use the Google Lens app. Avoid using other QR Reader apps, as they may have issues working properly with the check in pages. Safe Site Check In provides special instruction posters for visitors with phone issues.

Which browsers work with the App.SafeSiteCheckIn.Com Supervisor application?

The application has been tested with the latest Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari Browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. Do not use the browser in Incognito or Privacy mode, as this may cause problems with pages rendering properly.