Procore Integration That Raises Productivity and Collaboration

Easily integrate Safe Site Check In’s jobsite data with Procore Construction Management Software to automate the daily manpower log.

Increase Your Return On Procore Investment

  1. Ground up projects employ dozens of subs and hundreds of workers. Getting that data into Procore costs thousands. Safe Site Check In can automate the data entry work of multiple field engineers on larger projects.

  2. Tenant improvement supervisors are often responsible for multiple projects. Safe Site Check In frees up over an hour of their day traveling between sites and automates Procore daily log creation.

  3. Healthcare and Education construction managers always have strict health and security screening requirements for workers and visitors. Safe Site Check In automates compliance screening and recordkeeping and keeps Procore the “source of truth” for projects.

  4. Procore project managers depend on field operations to provide daily log data. Safe Site Check In eliminates the need to harass field managers for timely daily log data entry.

  5. All safety and risk management needs daily attendance data for workers and visitors along with proof of safety screening. Safe Site Check In is used in Construction, Utility and Manufacturing to automate compliance recordkeeping.

  6. Worksite management includes worksite security. Safe Site Check In provides cost effective worksite security data capture for compliance and investigations.

When you integrate Safe Site Check In with Procore:

  • Know who was onsite, when, where, how long without manual data entry.
  • Supervisors are building not processing paper or keying data.
  • Safety plans are being followed by screening and engaging every worker and visitor.
  • Record events and incidents recorded by onsite crews or visitors within our daily logs
  • You make Procore your project’s “source of truth” for all jobsite collaborators: Executives, Owners, Project, Safety, Cost and HR.

Easy Procore Integration in Under 30 Minutes

  1. Install the Safe Site Check Connector from the Procore Marketplace
  2. Integrate jobsite check in data into Procore in under 30 minutes
  3. Safe Site Check In data now automatically flows into Procore
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Leading Construction Firms use Safe Site Check In with Procore

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Make the Most of Your Investment in Procore

Our Procore Integration advances your digital strategy:

  • Enhance Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Continuously Improve Worker Safety & Engagement
  • Facilitate Skill Development¬†
  • Proactively Mitigate Risk
  • Raise Efficiency and Margins
  • Create a Leading Edge Brand
  • Ease Regulatory Compliance
  • Adaptive and Agile Workflows

Watch how easy it is to integrate Safe Site Check In with Procore