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Is Your Jobsite Badging System Digital?

Digital Badging Gives Jobsite Supervisors Critical Data If you delay digital adoption, you deprive your jobsite supervisors of the data they need to get work done more safely and productively. Digital badging systems are critical for providing that missing workforce...

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Jobsite Automation Has a Great Business Case

Most contractors find adopting new technology hard. Why? Because every project can feel unique even though you’ve built dozens of similar structures before. Convincing your team to adopt new tech can seem risky. But you can’t let your feelings get the best of your...

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Procore’s Latest — Digital Transformation of Construction

Just The Good Stuff, Please For those of you too busy to read through forty pages, here are the headlines and numbers from Procore’s latest survey of Owners, General Contractors and Specialty Contractors. (See “How We Build Now, June 2023, Procore Technology”.) I...

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McKinsey Lacks Any Ideas for Construction

McKinsey Blather on AEC Investment Trends, Adoption and Startup Management Perhaps the main reason we hire consultants is to leverage the best practices they learn from other firms in our industry. If that’s the reason an AEC firm might hire McKinsey, I’d say save...

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Overcome Resistance to Jobsite Digital

Digital Leadership Tactics for Office and Field The Many Objections of Jobsite Supervisors ... and How to Respond High experience jobsite supervisors are some of the highest paid/most in demand professionals in the industry. Contractors rely on them to make the...

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Overcoming Obstacles to Digital Transformation

Confront the Conflicts that Delay  The nature of the construction industry puts many constraints on digital adoption. But other industries with similar constraints have managed to become more digital, highly automated, safer and more productive with higher quality. ...

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Can ChatGPT Help Construction’s Digital Transformation?

“Digital” is shorthand for the use of digital data and technologies to help manage a business. Digital does not replace other management techniques. Dealing with people in all their oddness will always remain the biggest challenge. But digital automation has been...

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Small Firm Construction Management Culture

Touching Another Third Rail -- HQ Culture In my prior post, I talked about culture in the field and its inhibiting effect on digital adoption. But not all objections to construction tech come from the field. Construction management culture within HQ has its own...

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Construction Culture And Digital Innovation

Touching the Third Rail -- Culture I may be new to construction, but I immediately learned there’s a vast difference in how the industry views technology. In most industries, digital is expected, the new normal, and part of every company’s DNA.  In construction, not...

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