How It Works

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Set up your site in less than 5 minutes

  • After you sign up, you can configure our first site immediately.
  • The platform instantly creates a custom poster with a unique QR code, your company’s logo, address and check-in instructions for each site you create.
  • Download, print, and post the QR code poster at the entrance to your business and immediately start screening visitors and employees.

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Visitors scan QR Code using their mobile phone camera to check-in

  • Along with their contact details, visitors answer a series of customizable screening questions.
  • Safe Site Check In evaluates visitor’s responses.
  • Visitors who are granted access are issued an “electronic badge”- their own verifiable QR code.
  • Visitor personal health information is only stored on their device.
Safe Site Check In App in Smartphone


Easily manage multiple locations, check-in logs, dashboards, and more 

  • As visitors are granted or denied access, managers are instantly notified.
  • Easily monitor check-ins at multiple locations and view visitor logs.
  • A site visitor’s check-in can always be verified by aiming their smart phone camera at the visitor’s “electronic badge”
  • Site administrators have reporting options for special needs customers (e.g., hospitals).
Safe Site Check In App in Smartphone

Try Our Product


Open the camera app on your smartphone.


Point your phone at the QR code shown here.


Receive prompt and start the check-in process.

Having any trouble scanning the QR Code, or other product feedback? Please drop our team a note at

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Product Features

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Quick & Private Screening

Workers and visitors answer health and safety questions in just seconds after pointing their smartphone at a QR code.

App Features - Security Icon

Protects Personal Health Information

Safe Site Check In does not store any personal information and complies with all security standards.

App Features - Multi-language Icon

English & Spanish Language Support

The app seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish at any point in the check-in process.

App Features - Checklist Icon

Configurable Questions

All health survey questions can be customized to comply with each state’s specific healthy safety laws.

App Features - Alert Icon

Automatic Alerts

The app alerts supervisors upon visitor sign-in and if they are a health risk and should not be on site that day.

App Features - Dashboard Icon

Track Entry and Exit Though a Dashboard

Eliminate paper check-in forms track site attendance history through the management dashboard.

New Features in Version 3.0

Watch this video to see see the new features such as Analystics, Host Notifications, Contact Info Settings, and more in our latest release


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