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The platform instantly creates a poster with a unique QR code, your company logo, address and check-in instructions for each site. Or you can onboard and badge workers onto a project and they check-in like boarding an airplane.


Download, print, and post the QR code poster or badge at the entrance to your site and immediately start screening visitors and employees.

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Safe Site Check In App in Smartphone


Visitors scan the QR code with their phone camera to check-in. Or use a personal QR badge and be scanned in by phone or tablet.


Along with their contact info, visitors answer a series of customizable screening questions.


Safe Site Check In evaluates visitor’s responses.


Visitors who are granted access are issued an electronic badge – their own verifiable QR code. Onboarded workers optionally receive a QR badge that is scanned onsite.


Visitor personal health information is only stored on their device.


Easily manage multiple locations, check-in logs, dashboards, and more


As visitors are granted or denied access, managers are instantly notified.


Easily monitor check-ins at multiple locations and view visitor logs.


A visitor’s access can always be verified


Site administrators have access to varius reports for unique needs

Safe Site Check In App in Smartphone

Quick and Simple Check-In Process that is Easy for Everyone

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Ease of Use

Deploys in less than 5 minutes with no training, apps, or software to install

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Privacy & Security

HIPAA and PCI Compliant with strong security using the Google Cloud Platform

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User preferences that allow navigation of the tool in either English or Spanish

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Configured for each site or tenant with unique requirements and no user limits

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Real-Time Notifications

Shares who is on-site, when, how long, and with what company in just minutes

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Rich Analytics

Improves managers’ business operations with real-time, reliable data reporting

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Our Latest Features

Check out our new features such as worker QR Badges, Analytics, Configurable Host Notifications, Contact Info Settings, Check-out with Injury, and more in our latest release

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