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Returning to the Workplace 

When and how do we do it?

February 11, 2021 – 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

A panel discussion with industry experts on resources, trends, and data for planning a safe and productive return to workplaces

A Panel Discussion

What does the post-pandemic workplace look like? What are leaders in corporate real estate, facilities and office management thinking about for reopening offices, capacity planning, workplace design as they plan to return American workers back to office and design the future of work, building on the lessons and best practices their organizations executed during the pandemic.

We are excited to bring a panel of industry experts together to share their perspectives, industry insights and data on corporate plans for safer and smarter return to workplaces and plans that prioritizes health, safety, and productivity for everyone—employees, visitors, partners, and vendors. 

A few topics discussed by this panel:

  • Planning and Design of post-pandemic workplace
  • Resources and Guidelines for developing return-to-work and remote work policies, and safe reopening of workplaces
  • Preparing workplaces, employees, and designing the new work experience
  • Monitoring workplaces intelligently with continuous privacy and compliance for safer workplaces
  • Managing through disruption with data

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George Bonnin

George Bonnin

Senior Manager, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Americas

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Dave Denny

Dave Denny


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Carol Sandman

Carol Sandman

Founder + Principal

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