Announcing Private COVID-19 Vaccination Verification

Aug 30, 2021 | Press Release

Safe Site Check In Launches Private COVID-19 Vaccination Verification App

Employers and event organizers provide secure uploads of CDC vaccination cards for entry to job sites, offices, and venues

SAN FRANCISCO – August 30, 2021 – Safe Site Check In today announced its private, QR-code digital check in app now provides workers and event guests with the ability to securely and privately provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Safe Site Check In’s digital check-in app is used by architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and design firms, event venues, schools and commercial offices to verify identity and time of arrival of employees, subcontractors and visitors. Upon arrival, people use their smartphone to scan a private QR code and check-in. Based on the employer’s or host’s requirements, the employee or visitor is shown one or more questions on their smartphone screen. These questions can address vaccination status, give workers an assignment, or direct visitors and guests to a specific location. The check-in information eliminates sign-in sheets and replaces them with a streamlined, safer way to know who is or was on site.

Now, an employer or event organizer can use Safe Site Check In to privately and securely upload a picture of their CDC-issued vaccination card with dates of inoculation. Employers and event organizers do not have access to personal health information or any other data on the employee’s or visitor’s smartphone.


The Safe Site Check In app is not used for persistent tracking of users’ location information, nor to assist with tracking users for public health monitoring. Rather, it is used for private contact tracing or as proof of an employer meeting local or federal guidelines for ensuring vaccination of everybody on site.

“As COVID-19 variants gain strength and employers and large event venues require proof of vaccination, consumers are rightfully concerned about the privacy of their data,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “With Safe Site Check In, employers and hosts can quickly set up a safe and private way for people to check in and provide proof of vaccination without compromising the privacy of employees and patrons. We remain committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of our customers’ data.”

Safe Site Check In also offers subscribers the flexibility to input custom questions upon entry or exit to a site. For employers, this can include showing training videos before the start of a shift for compliance requirements. For marketers, this can include event evaluations upon check-out.

If an employee or visitor tests positive for COVID-19, Safe Site Check In can provide a report that includes those that were in potential contact with the infected person. The private business contact tracing report is based on timing and proximity to exposure. The employer or event host can use the report in accordance with local health protocols.

About Safe Site Check In

Safe Site Check In provides an easy, customizable, and private QR-coded digital check-in and screening solution to ensure the safety of employees and visitors onsite through job site and office site management. Our technology is used by businesses throughout North America for safety, project and staff management, capacity planning, compliance, health screenings, and contact tracing.