Construction EScreening Leads to Site Awareness

by | Nov 20, 2020

By:  David Brian Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In

Who Is At Your Job Site?

If your company runs more than one job, or your office is not on that one job site, there’s good odds you have no idea who is on your job site right now.

So how do you find out if you need site awareness data?  Well, call the superintendent!  Great.

But now the super has to take time away from their task to answer your question.  Maybe it only takes ten minutes to ask and answer your question.  But that time equals money.

And what did you call about?  Examples:

  • How many of our subcontractor’s crew was there?
  • What time did they show up?
  • When did they leave?
  • Are you sure?  Their HQ told me otherwise.
  • etc.

And did you count the distraction it causes, taking your supervisor away from their work?  Interruptions always cost more than the duration of the interruption itself.

Even better odds you won’t remember who was on your job site yesterday, much less last month.

Paper Is a Poor Solution for Site Awareness

You could solve this with a paper sign in sheet. But that’s a manual process that includes a lot of hidden costs.  Paper forms are sloppy, inaccurate, easy to misplace, and often don’t get filled out at all.

And if they are not correctly filed, or converted to digital data, what are you going to do when questions arise the following month?

  • “Hey, superintendent: when did the electrician start demo at the tower site?
  • How many workers were there?
  • Oh yeah?  Well they’re saying they had four guys all day for week.”

Poor quality data bleeds off productivity like, well, a thousand paper cuts.

Covid Made You Digital; Now Use Site Awareness Data to Build Better

The Covid pandemic has forced firms to screen and identify job site workers and visitors in order to keep job sites open.

Unfortunately, some still choose to waste time and money using paper forms.

But leading firm’s have gone digital, using solutions like our industry leading Safe Site Check In to conform with job site health directives. We call this e-screening for safety.  And those firm’s are now nicely positioned to leverage site awareness data for a number of benefits:

  • Managers at their company can now know who is at their job sites in real time.
  • Managers can know when workers, visitors and subcontractors showed up.
  • Managers can also know when they left and what they did, if the job site is configured to collect that information.
  • Managers can share this information with Owners, Subcontractors and other stakeholders.

Construction firms have long needed effective, simple systems that allow them to focus on what they’re good at:  Building!   Digital site awareness data from Safe Site Check In will make your firm more efficient across the board by providing you with reports and analytics for:

  • Project management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Cost accounting
  • HR
  • Safety
  • Insurance and Risk
  • Marketing and Lead Generation

Our customers are finding new, valuable use cases everyday, closing the communications gap between the job site and HQ.