COVID Compliance on the Worksite

It is important to stay up to date on the guidelines and recommendations from several governing bodies and organizations tracking the COVID pandemic and Delta variant. Our team has compiled resources of leading authorities for quick reference.

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Do you have vaccination screening mandates on site?

We demonstrate in this video how easy it is to quickly screen your workers and visitors on site

Public Health FAQ

Where can I find authoritative answers to legal issues regarding pandemic response?

Littler is a great resource that frequently updates information in its COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit for Employers.

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How do you do contact tracing?

In the event of COVID-19 transmission at a location that uses Safe Site Check In, we are able to use personally identifiable information (PII) to help employers inform others that they might have been exposed to the virus. However, the employee’s name is not disclosed and Safe Site Check In does not have access to their personal health information (PHI).

Who keeps track of a user’s personal health information?

That information remains on the visitor’s phone and Safe Site Check In’s cloud service does not share nor store it.

What happens if an employee or visitor is denied access?

The site supervisor and/or HR is immediately notified via text.

How do you determine which health questions to ask?

They are based on federal and local guidelines specific to COVID-19, and can be customized by the employer based on OSHA, state and local health directives, or employer-specific business requirements.

Who sees the information on employees that are admitted or denied access to work?

The company determines who has access to visitor logs. Most site log viewing is, typically, limited to supervisors and HR, but a company can designate anyone they choose. Viewers do not have access to specific health information answers; they are notified only when an employee or site visitor was denied site access.

How does Safe Site Check In support HIPAA compliance and the risk of viewing health data?

By not storing personal health information. Personal health information (PHI) remains on the user’s phone as they answer survey questions. Safe Site Check In's cloud service does not store or have access to PHI.

What if we must take a visitor’s temperature?

Have all visitors use Safe Site Check In first. Then assign a site entry supervisor to take temperatures using a skin thermometer. If a visitor measures over 100.4 degrees, the supervisor should deny the visitor entry. If contact tracing by public health authorities is necessary, Safe Site Check In will have all required information.

Safe Site Check In is an easy-to-use, customizable visitor awareness and safety screening application and online visitor management tool. With just the simple scan of a QR code, your screening processes are now paperless.

A new site can be ready to go within minutes.

Safe Site Check In is completely web-based and there are no mobile apps for workers or visitors to download, no software to install, and no training or IT required.

Whether you manage a small office space, multiple construction sites, or a large commercial warehouse, you can easily screen and check-in subcontractors, vendors, and visitors as part of your COVID and vaccination protocols.

The Safe Site Check In webapp keeps management informed in real-time, with full job site visibility, accurate daily reporting, summary dashboards, and contact tracing in just minutes.

Safe Site Check In App in Smartphone