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Safe Site Check In was founded with a singular focus: to provide easy-to-use software that delights customers and delivers high value in keeping workplaces open and safe. Our goal is to create a solution that is easy to use and manage without IT skills or resources.

Please let us know if you are experiencing issues in using our product or need help.  We are eager to help and recommend that you start with our growing list of resources for troubleshooting FAQs, how-to videos and latest release notes for most-common issues. If you are not able to find a solution to your issue, please contact us using the form below.


I am not receiving expected email alerts. Why is this happening?

Your company’s email system configuration may be blocking emails, you should verify with your IT team that the following are not blocked:

Trouble signing into the Admin app?

Admins, Supervisors, and Hosts can sign into the app using from a web browser. In order to sign in:

  • You must be defined as a user in Safe Site Check In by an Admin
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter a password

Note, when a user is intially added to Safe Site Check In, a confirmation email is send to the mail associated to the user with instructions on setting their password. If the user does set their password within 60 minutes, the password link expires. The user can always Reset or Change their password by selecting the link from the app sign page.

What web browsers are supported?

Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. Safe Site Check In works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you use the Microsoft Edge browser, please use Version 84.0.522.59 or later. Using browser tabs using Incognito or Privacy modes my cause issues with the app working properly.

My check in visitors are having issues getting the app to work, help!

Issues may occur for a number reasons, here is a troubleshooting checklist:

  • The web app only works when used directly by an iPhone Camera or the Google Lens app. Using any other Scanning method, like a QR Code app, will likely cause issues.
  • The Google Lens app appears in different places on different model phones. It may appear as a seperate app, or be under the Google Assistant feature.
  • Safe Site Check In provides poster with scanning instructions that should be be posted in the same location as the QR Code poster. You should contact your system admin or safes ite support for the poster files.

Internet Connection issues: Is there a weak or down connection (carrier signal and wifi)?

Browser Caching issue

In some cases, a cached version of the app may cause problems with pages not displaying or appearing to be frozen.

  1. If you see a Safe Site Check In icon on the phone, then delete/uninstall the item.
  2. Sometimes a device has more then one browser installed, and the user may not know this. If addressing the above check list does not solve a problem, then the user should clear the browser history and cache from the default browser that is set for their device.

To verify or switch the default browser on iPhones:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the desired browser, such as Safari
  3. Choose it as “Default Browser App”

To verify or switch the default browser on Android:

  1. Go to Settings. This may be in Apps icon on the phone
  2. Select the item called Apps on some phones. This may be called Apps & Notifications
  3. Select the Default apps item
  4. Select the choose it as “Default Browser App”
  5. Select Browser app
  6. Select the desired browser (see our supported browser list)

Clearing Browser History: Please make sure that you are clearing the data for the correct default browser.

Google Chrome Browser

  1. Select the brower menu via the top right corner icon
  2. Select the History item
  3. Select the Clear browsing data
  4. Select the Time range. You need to go back to the date of your earliest check in
  5. Select the Clear data button

 Safari Browser

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Safari, tap Clear History and Website Data
  3. Tap Clear History and Website Data

Firefox Browser

  1. Select the View history menu via the top right corner icons
  2. Select the History item
  3. Select the Clear recent history item
  4. Select the Time range. You need to go back to the date of your earliest check in
  5. Select the OK button

 Microsft Edge Browser

  1. Select the View history menu via the top right corner icons
  2. Select the History item
  3. Select the Clear browsing data item
  4. Select the Time range. You need to go back to the date of your earliest check in
  5. Select the Clear now button

What phone number are text alerts send from?

Text Alert messages are sent from (206) 737-3469

What email address are email alerts sent from?

Email Alert messages are sent from You should ensure that your email system configuration does not block messages from this address. Depending on your cell phone carrier plan, your mobile user(s) may be charged for text messages.

What email address are check in log reports sent from?

Visitor Check In Log Reports (CSVs) are sent from

What email address are password reset requests sent from?

Password reset requests cause an email to be sent from

Do I incur charges for text messsge alerts?

Safe Site Check In does not charge for text messages, however, depending on their cell phone carrier plan, mobile user(s) may be charged for text messages.

What is the difference in the app between the Supervisor and Host Roles?

A Supervisor can view real time check in logs, reports, and recieve alerts for Denied check-ins for their assigned sites. A Host has all the same capabilities as a Supervisor, but also receives Granted Access alerts. Check In visitors must select one or more Hosts assigned to a site as part of their check in process.

I can do that?

Advanced Filtering of Visitor Event Log Records

The app lets you see a real-time event log of site visitor activity with simple date filtering and filter by Denied or Granted Check Ins. But what if you need to quickly see all check in activity for a specific user, company, or activity? No problem, use the Visitor Event Report from the Analytics Catalog.

Capture what activities your visitors performed, what location within a site they plan to visit, who they are there to see and more…

The standard app set up captures contact information for visitor that checks in. The app can also capture addtional information:

  • What activity(s) the visitor plans while on site
  • What location(s) within a site the visitor plans to visit
  • Who the visitor plans to see
  • Other custom fields as needed

These fields can be text fields that let’s the user type the information, or a pre-defined list of items that the user selects. This feature is currenlty set up by the Safe Site Support Team, please contact the team if you want to use it.

Contact Tracing in less than 60 seconds!

Need to identify what sites a visitor entered, and all the visitors that were on the same sites on the same days? Check out the Contact Tracing Report from the Analytics catalog. Enter the visitor’s name, the date range for sites visits, and you’ll have report in under one minute that can by shared with others.


Version 4.0 (Dec. 29, 2020)

Check In App Performance and Reliablity Improvements

In prior versions, some users occasionally experienced issues with white or partially displayed pages when checking into site. This release has been redesigned to eliminate these issues.

Seperate Admin/Supervisor App

User’s signing into the app now need to use a new web address:

Version 3.1 (Nov. 27, 2020)

Visitor Activity, Name of Contact, and Site Activity Information

A new optional set of questions for site visitors that lets them identify who they are visiting, their contact info, their main activity, and planned location within a site. Note, the Admin App does not currently let you define the additional information. Please contact us to set this up for you. This new set of configurable questions lets you now not only see who checked in at what time, but also who they were there to see and what activity they were there to perform.

More Analytics

The Hour of Day Metrics dashboard is new to the library of Analytics Reports and Dashboards, and shows site activity by hour of day, and hour by day of week. Analytics for Supervisors and Hosts. The standard library of Analytics is now available in the Supervisor app by selecting the Analytics menu item from the Site List page. While Analytics Reports and Dashboards work on Smartphones, they are designed to be viewed on Tablets and laptops.

Other New Features

Custom Page Link. You can add a custom web page link to the visitor check in app pages by selecting the Show Custom Link on Check In Pages option on the Admin App Account page. The Check In app pages have an updated design that shows content in a more compact format, reducing the amount of scrolling needed on some some devices.

Version 3.0 (Nov. 9, 2020)

Analytics Analytics

A comprehensive library of Dashboards and Reports that provides real-time visibility to activity and metrics across all your sites. These let you view and track activity within seconds, eliminating time consuming and error prone processes of viewing CSV log files and spreadsheets. In addition to aggregate data analysis, customers that have previewed Analytics have cited the following benefits:

  • Resource Tuning: With visualizations that show activity across sites over time and by Day of week (Mondays versus Thursdays versus Saturdays, etc.), you can adjust provisioning of on-site personnel and equipment.
  • Labor Reconciliation: With visualizations that show visitor metrics for visiting Companies (such as Sub-Contractors), you can reconcile billing and headcount of on-site personnel.
  • Contact Tracing: A number of our customers have reported that they have experienced one or more COVID-19 events. You can now produce a contact tracing report (as described below) in a matter of minutes, eliminating an extremely labor intensive and error prone process of combing through log files across all your sites.

Capabilities include:

  • Six Dashboards and Reports, containing over 18 data visualizations, that provide insight from multiple perspectives by total period range, month, day, day of week (Mondays versus Thursdays versus Saturdays, etc.), site, visiting Company (such as sub-contractor), and visitor.
  • Contact Tracing: A Contact Tracing Report lets you quickly identify all sites that a specific person has visited over a specified time range and all visitors that were on the same sites on the same days.
  • Data Filtering to let you quickly focus on certain time periods, sites, companies and visitors.
  • Data Sorting to quickly identify top and bottom activity metrics . Export data to CSV, and spreadsheets.

Host Notification

  • Enables Visitors to identify and notify via text/email the person (host) they are at the site to meet.
  • A new Host role defines the list of Site hosts via the Admin UI.
  • The check-in visitor selects from a list of Hosts that are associated to a site as part of checking into a site.
  • The selected Host(s) receives Alerts when a site visitor is denied or granted access upon checking into a site.
  • Hosts can sign into the app and see check-in activity for their assigned sites.
  • Configurable Contact Info: The Admin UI now lets you modify the standard list of Contact Info fields that a site visitor fills in when checking into a site. You can:
    • Set any field to be optional, instead of mandatory for visitors to fill in.
    • Set any field to be Inactive, which removes the field from the check in page.
  • These properties can also be set at the individual site level, please contact our support team at to set this up for you.

Version 2.2 (Oct. 26, 2020)

The new release has the following improvements:

Pay by Credit Card

Administrators can now use the Admin app to change their subscription to autopay by credit card. The Account page in the Admin app has a new Pay by Credit Card button, where you can switch your subscription to the current product list price of $79 per site. Once your account is set up for credit card payments, the admin can also then Manage the subscription and change the quantity of licensed sites.

Check In Links

You can set a site to accept check ins with a web page link (in addition to QR Code scans) with a new site setting called Show Short Check In Link. The link can be copied and sent to visitors, and will also be displayed on QR Code posters when enabled. Note, before enabling this feature, you should consider the implication of making it easy for visitors to create a check in record without actually being on site.

Log File Types

In addition to zip files, you can now share a log file directly as a CSV file.

Mask/Unmask Password

Lets the user sign into the app to see their entered password. This reduces password keying error issues, or use the wrong upper/lower characters. Passwords are case sensitive.

Version 2.1 (Sep. 27, 2020)

Admin App

  • Share Log: Admins can now share Site event logs, including the ability to select from predefined time period ranges.
  • Check In: Admins can now directly check into a site to quickly verify the information and questions presented to visitors work as expected.
  • Custom Entry Questions and Terms: New pages that let admins view and enable or disable the app’s standard list of health questions and terms, and also add custom questions and terms that apply across all sites. Note, the Admim App currently does not support the ability to vary questions and terms by site. Please continue to work with our product team to configure site specific items as needed.
  • Account Page: A new page that lets admins edit their company name and update their logo.
  • Sorting: The Edit Site page now shows  the list of Supervisors in ascending order by name. The Edit User page now shows a list of sites in descending order by Site Number.
  • Misc Fixes and performance improvements.

Supervisor App

  • The Site Visitor Event Log page now lets the Supervisor filter by Granted and Denied Check-Ins
  • The Site Visitor Event Log page now lets the Supervisor filter by pre-defined time period ranges. By default, the page will now show only the current day’s check ins.

Version 2.0 (Sep 9, 2020)

Admin App

  • A new self service app that lets users who are defined as “Administrators” manage the application via a computer or tablet web browser:
  • Quickly view, create and manage sites within the bounds of your company’s licensed allowed number of Active Sites.
  • Sites can be set as Inactive, which prevents visitors from checking into a site, but still allows Administrators and Supervisors to view check in history logs.
  • Quick access to view and download print ready QR Code Site Posters as PDF files containing both English and Spanish language versions.
  • View, create and manage users, their site assignments, and alert settings.

Notes: The new app does not currently let you customize check-in entry questions and terms. Please continue to work with our product team to customise these as needed.

Improved Supervisor App

Improved Viewing and PDF download of QR Code Site Posters.