How Safe Site Check In Is Expanding Its App’s Features

Jun 30, 2021

How Safe Site Check In Is Expanding It’s Construction App’s Features  

ConExpo 365 News features Safe Site Check In’s key milestones, international expansion and new features.

Some highlights from the article:

Safe Site Check-In, which celebrated its one-year anniversary this month, has announced new advanced reporting and collaboration features for its construction job site app.

The new features include weekly reports containing activities and hours worked by subcontractor, employee and project via daily log automation. Safe Site Check-In said this provides general contractors, project managers, supervisors and office administrators with an easier way to manage people, productivity and profitability while identifying potential issues before they impact the project.

The new features also allow supervisors to upload pictures and videos from a job site and take advantage of speech-to-text functionality to capture notes while the job is underway – and the information and annotations are uploaded through a secure cloud for collaboration between the field and office.

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