Are you struggling to monitor jobsite activity efficiently?

Discover how Safe Site Check In’s cloud-based app helps you monitor jobsite activity and how it revolutionizes construction site management. With our user-friendly QR code check-in system, project managers can effortlessly monitor daily activity, ensuring safety and compliance. Join hundreds of contractors across North America who rely on Safe Site Check In to save time and reduce risk.

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Video Transcript

Do you know who’s on your job sites? Why, and for how long? Managing job site activity is critical for the success of construction projects, big and small. How do general contractors, project managers, and superintendents oversee their daily job site activity? Well, most of the time it involves stacks of paperwork, tons of data entry, and lots of wasted time.

Enter Safe Site Check In. Used by hundreds of contractors of all sizes across North America every day, Safe Site Check In can help you overcome many of these obstacles in minutes, saving you valuable time and effort. At each shift, workers check in by scanning a custom QR code on their smartphones and answering a few simple questions. No long lines, no training required, just tap and go. Behind the scenes, project managers can quickly see who’s been granted access. When there’s a problem with the check in, they’re instantly alerted. Prevent potential delays and headaches by seeing in real time who is and, more importantly, who isn’t on the job site when they should be safe.

Safe Site Check In is used by project, site, and safety managers at small and large firms on any type of project, with over 2 million check-ins worldwide. Still not sure? Then go to and sign up for your free trial to see exactly how Safe Site Check In can help you save time, reduce risk, and improve your site management, all for just the price of a cup of coffee a day.