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Apr 2, 2021 | Case Study, Construction

Case Study

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Upscale Construction needed a solution
to help address customer safety concerns and comply with latest California safety mandates that changed Upscale’s daily operations. Keeping track of who was on-site was critical to keep clients and employees safe and sites operational.


  • Deploy Safe Site Check In’s intuitive digital check in app
  • Automate daily log reports
  • Gain visibility of daily jobsite visitor and employee activity
  • Quickly initiate contact tracing in the event of an outbreak


  • Provided personnel and guests a greater sense of security
  • Increased jobsite awareness
  • Better reporting and tracking

“Safe Site Check In helps us keep track of who is on our job sites and creates a system that keeps us and our clients feeling safe.”

Antonia Leong

Assistant Project Manager, Upscale Construction

Executive Summary

Upscale Construction, Bay Area’s leading luxury home builder, faced challenges working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Antonia Leong, assistant project manager at Upscale, recalls, “Everything came to a halt once the pandemic hit. Our customers showed signs of being afraid to make a decision to spend their money.” Upscale needed to find a solution to help address customers’ concerns and comply with new California safety mandates.

Meeting the state mandates would have a drastic change to Upscale’s daily operations. Leong said, “We needed to find a way to keep track of who is on our job sites and to help us create a system that kept our clients and us safe.”


Upscale Construction needed a solution to address:

  • Keeping track of all workers and visitors on all job sites
  • Creating a system that provided them and their clients with a sense of security
  • Having complete visibility of their daily operations onsite and the ability to contact trace in the event of an outbreak
  • Meet CDC regulations and state mandates of health screening for compliance and avoid shutdowns

Upscale used Safe Site Check In to comply with new COVID-19 health and safety screening guidelines and discovered that the data also helps with better job site management. Leong admits, “It was a bumpy transition getting started because we never had a system before to keep us organized and track our projects and sites.” However, Leong says, “Safe Site Check In’s support was like no other we have experienced. I must have talked to Tom Tortolani a million times. He is Awesome!”

A favorite feature of Leong’s is the admin portal where she has the ability to print reports and track her projects; she loves the analytics that Safe Site Check In provides her on every job site. She says, “It was so easy to use, it made me actually want to use it.” And when she did face any issues, Safe Site Check In’s support was so responsive and supportive that she felt confident of adding more job sites and utilizing this tool that has allowed her to have greater control over her operations.


Upscale Construction found that Safe Site Check In was the solution to balancing great service and safety for both customers and workers in response to COVID-19. Furthermore, Upscale recognized Safe Site Check In as a critical component to their growth during the pandemic.

With Safe Site Check In’s additional value to project daily operations, Upscale had adopted a new and permanent way of operating a job site using a solution that provided safety and visibility during a period heightened uncertainty.

About Upscale Construction

Upscale Construction is a Bay Area general contracting company that believes the building process can be made both memorable and positive. They strive to ensure that their clients’ and architects’ construction experience will always be a legacy to quality and value.