Peacock Construction Prevents Spread of COVID-19

Jul 1, 2020

Construction has never been known as the most dirt- and grime-free industry, but now, in the wake of COVID-19, keeping things clean is more important than ever. Cutting down on the spread of germs is a priority as well, and Peacock Construction is achieving that with a help of a new app.

CEO Kyle Peacock explains that his company is using the Safe Site Check In app at 43 construction sites in the San Francisco Bay area. The app enables employees and visitors to point their smartphone at a QR code on the site and answer required health questions. When their access is approved, they receive a daily digital entry badge, while site supervisors and HR administrators can view their health status.

“Approximately 200 people per day use it, allowing us to do our part for employees, the clients and the community to help stop the spread of COVID-19,” Peacock said. “The app has also boosted productivity, saving up to two hours per site, per day, as employees safely return to work.”

Safe Site Check In protects the privacy of the employees and visitors by keeping their personal health information stored on their smartphones. It also allows check-in to be more safe and efficient than some of the processes used by other firms, which are time consuming and do not allow for social distancing.

“The construction industry today needs a better way to manage job site check-in,” Safe Site Check In LLC founder and CEO David Ward said. “Meeting the COVID-19 challenge to re-open our economy is driving firms to exploit mobile and cloud technologies to keep employees safe. Safe Site Check In is extraordinarily easy to use, and addresses compliance and site management issues cost effectively while driving productivity and profitability for construction firms.”