Safe Site Check In: Your Solution to New CDC Workplace Guidelines

by | May 25, 2021

New Workplace Guidelines Have Employers Looking For an Easy Solution

Contractors are scrambling in the wake of the new workplace safety guidelines recently released by the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC).  As Safe Site Check In has been reporting, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that fully vaccinated people in the U.S. can resume activities, both inside and outside, without having to socially distance or wear a mask.  Additionally, OSHA updated their guidance for workplaces following CDC recommendations. For many safety experts, there will be various approaches to updating the screening procedures at jobsites and offices.  Some less-functional approaches may include clipboard and a sign-in sheet, and others may include an internally developed tools based on Excel Spreadsheets or Google Forms.  While those products are widely used in numerous business processes and data collections, Safe Site Check In provides distinct advantages to these options.  We’d like to share them with you.

See How Safe Site Check In Streamlines Your Site Visibility

First, we’d like to share some insight into questions that site managers and operators are asking our team as they implement Safe Site Check In to their single site or multi-site projects.

Safe Site Check In’s Head of Product Tom Tortolani broke down FAQs that site operators are bringing to our product development team as they implement these new CDC guidelines on site.

There are many factors to track on a job site, starting with employees and including subcontractors, delivery personnel, and other visitors related to the project.  Site safety and compliance managers will need to cross-reference those classifications with COVID vaccine stage-related factors like:

  • Those fully vaccinated
  • Those non-vaccinated
  • Those vaccinated with their first shot but not their second
  • Those who have received both shots of a 2-shot vaccination but are still inside the 14-day window
  • Those who decline to state their vaccination status

There are other factors to consider, including mask use, social distancing commitments, and proper sterilization of tools and equipment on site.

While these can be tracked using a clipboard or shared documents online, they don’t always translate to complete site transparency or real-time access.

Safe Site Check In offers many distinct advantages that streamlining your operations across many departments within your General Contractor organization:

Ease of Use: Work in a download-free environment.  Scan and go using QR code

Real-Time Data: Recall information from five minutes ago or five weeks ago instantly with just a few touches on the screen

Total Transparency: Know who is on site, what they are doing, and why they are here

Diverse Reporting: Multi-view reporting gives you the statistics you need without manually sorting columns or tabulating rows to organize your data

Multi-Site View: Identify active and inactive sites and quickly retrieve information on site name, site number, site location, and client identification

Windover Construction is just one of many general contractors across North America using Safe Site Check In.  You can read their story here in the New England Real Estate Journal.

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Your construction company can implement Safe Site Check In by taking advantage of a free trial of our platform or view a demo and see how easy it is to implement Safe Site Check In across all of your construction sites.  Have a question about customization or multi-site use? Please connect with our product team here.