Safe Site Check In Launches Advanced Analytics

Nov 11, 2020 | Press Release

Safe Site Check In Launches Advanced Analytics and Private Contact Tracing for Job Site Safety, Security, and Productivity

Penntex Construction relies on digital sign-in data for resource planning, and eliminating time consuming record keeping processes

SAN FRANCISCO – November 11, 2020 – To help construction businesses maximize the profitability of commercial and residential projects, Safe Site Check In today announced advanced analytics and private business contact tracing within its job site check-in app.

The Safe Site Check In web app is paperless and touchless. Employees and visitors quickly and privately check-in to a job site using their smartphone. The health screening function allows workers to privately answer COVID-19 and other health related questions and be immediately approved or denied access to a job site or building. The app does not allow health data to be shared, yet private contact tracing is immediately available.

By combining advanced analytics with employee and subcontractor digital check-in data, CFOs, HR directors and project managers now have the additional insight they need to make more strategic business decisions. This includes hiring employees, managing subcontractors, and ensuring compliance with state, federal and union guidelines.

“We originally subscribed to Safe Site Check In as a way to screen employees, subcontractors and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms and keep them safe,” said Jim Hoolehan, president, Penntex Construction. “Now that it’s allowed us to eliminate the paper-based sign in process and gain additional insight into jobsite activity, we can more efficiently plan with the goal of maximizing project productivity.”

Digital Sign In Data Provides Value Beyond the Pandemic

Providing critical insight to businesses beyond the pandemic, the advanced analytics within Safe Site Check In include:

  • A comprehensive library of dashboards and reports that provide real-time visibility into job site activity.
  • Advanced filtering to show check-ins per site, per employee, or across multiple job sites.
  • Host notifications to alert, via text or email, tenants and supervisors when visitors arrive.
  • Fast and accurate reports that eliminate the time consuming and error-prone process of viewing CSV log files and spreadsheets for job site data.
  • Visualization that shows activity across sites to adjust allocation of staff and equipment.
  • Metrics to reconcile billing and headcount based on contracts and invoices.
  • Private contact tracing reports produced in minutes.
  • Visitor insight to support sales and lead generation.

“As we move closer to a post-pandemic work environment, some of the lessons learned over the past year will remain. This includes replacing the antiquated paper-based sign in process with employees using their smartphones to check in and receive important notifications to start the day,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “Construction management teams recognize the value of having private, digital records for safety and accountability and are applying that data and insight to achieve business goals.”

The Safe Site Check In app is available for online purchase at the company website: The advanced analytics functionality can be turned on within the app.

About Safe Site Check In, LLC is a San Francisco-based app development firm. Our expertise in mobile and cloud engineering enables a number of industries to improve safety and productivity at work while protecting personal health data. Safe Site Check In is available for iOS and Android phones, tablets and any browser. Built using Google Cloud for continuous availability, speed, reliability, and security.