Safe Site Check In Launches Private Contact Tracing

Nov 10, 2020 | Press Release

Safe Site Check In Launches Private Contact Tracing; Protects Consumer Privacy and Enables Safer Work Environments

Over 300 companies use app to reopen, alert employees to potential risk of COVID-19 exposure without compromising smartphone data or personal health information

SAN FRANCISCO – November 10, 2020 – Safe Site Check In today announced the addition of a private contact tracing function within its check-in app to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at work. The Safe Site Check In app enables employers to keep sites and offices open by performing touchless and paperless health and safety screenings for workers and visitors.

Employees and visitors access the Safe Site Check In app by pointing their smartphone camera at a QR-coded poster. With one tap, they verify their name and location, answer COVID-19 and other related health questions provided by the employer, and are admitted or prohibited from entering the premises.

Employers do not have access to personal health information or any other data on the employee’s or visitor’s smartphone. The Safe Site Check In app is not used for persistent tracking of users’ location information, nor to assist with tracking users for public health monitoring.

In the event that an employee or visitor tests positive for COVID-19, Safe Site Check In provides a report that includes those that were in potential contact with the infected person. The private business contact tracing report is based on timing and proximity to exposure. The employer can use the report in accordance with local health protocols.

“Contact tracing by governments, networks and internet platforms has been met with mixed responses because of the public’s genuine privacy concerns. With Safe Site Check In, businesses and employees are assured their personal health information is protected, and any other data on their smartphones can’t be accessed,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “By creating a work-based contact tracing system that reflects the needs of private citizens and public health officials, our service protects employers, workers and visitors while protecting privacy.”

Self-Service and Instant Set Up Features Save Time, Resources

Employers can set up Safe Site Check In within minutes by going to the Safe Site Check In website, buying the app online, and printing a unique QR-coded poster.

Construction companies, builders and trade unions have been among the first adopters of Safe Site Check In. Classified as essential workers, businesses including Ampirical Solutions, Bond Brothers, Desco Pro, I-Kota, Overaa, Peacock Construction, Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 550, Structura, Toll Brothers, and others use the app to check in thousands of employees each day.

“We build a lot of retail stores and restaurants in the northeast. As the weather gets colder and interior construction projects increase, we will continue to rely on Safe Site Check In as another critical safety tool for our employees and subcontractors,” said Matt Catellier, safety officer, Desco Pro. “The customized questions feature enables us to follow local and state guidelines and we’ll continue to tailor questions based on future jobsite needs.
Additionally, the Safe Site Check In app streamlines the employee and visitor sign in process, saving hours at construction sites, warehouses, offices, and other public facilities that rely on paper-based check in and health screenings. It also provides real time visibility into site activity. This ensures managers have insight on how many people are at a location for safety record keeping, employment records, and emergencies.

Watch the Safe Site Check In demo on YouTube:

About Safe Site Check In, LLC is a San Francisco-based app development firm. Our expertise in mobile and cloud engineering enables a number of industries to improve safety and productivity at work while protecting personal health data. Safe Site Check In is available for iOS and Android phones, tablets and any browser. Built using Google Cloud for continuous availability, speed, reliability, and security.