Safe Site Check In Pricing

(Effective Mar 28, 2024)

Choose the subscription that’s right for your firm to create safer, more productive workplaces today.


  • Create QR code check-in poster with your branding
  • Unlimited check-ins/outs
  • Unlimited workers, visitors, supers, admins
  • Custom entry questions, videos, waivers
  • Worker/visitor observations (notes, photos, attachments)
  • Visitor management (training, waivers, super notifications)
  • Multi-language (currently English or Spanish)
  • Real time activity views, scheduled or on-demand reports
  • Onboarding to create personal QR badges for phone/print
  • Password protected accounts using worker email or phone#
  • Worker profiles including licenses, photos, certs, I9s, etc.
  • Personalized 30-min onboarding session
  • Online support and resources

Standard Subscription

$109/month per active site*

Cloud Data Storage

$10/month per inactive site**


Includes all Standard Subscription features plus…

  • Kiosk/tablet mode check in/out & QR badge scanning
  • Integration with select construction software platforms
  • Delegate to subcontractors their worker onboarding
  • Jobsite access controls 
  • Safety data sheets (SDS) digital distribution
  • Archive of answers to check in questions
  • Alerts on “check-out with injury”
  • Geo-fencing/location validation
  • Broadcast messages to site
  • Unlimited phone and web meeting support

Advanced Subscription

$159/month per active site*

Cloud Data Storage

$10/month per inactive site**

Volume Discounts

Have more than three sites? Talk to us about volume discounts and “all you can eat” enterprise packages. Receive volume discounts plus even bigger savings when prepaying.

Safe Site Check In Pricing FAQ

How do pricing and payments work?

The Safe Site Check In (SSCI) app is billed as a monthly subscription. The price of a basic subscription is determined by the number of site licenses purchased at the above rates. This model offers three distinct advantages.

  1. You pay only for the number of work sites in any given month. You can opt to maintain  a subscription for zero licenses for those rare months when you don’t have any work sites at all.
  2. Our pricing is per site without any limits or restrictions on daily usage, number of workers or visitors*. This makes it easy to scale up or down while making  cost estimating easy and predictable for any size project.
  3. SSCI subscriptions renew monthly and include a data maintenance fee which is charged as long as we hold your daily log archive**.

How do free trials work?

Once you purchase a Safe Site Check In subscription, you can cancel anytime within the first 14 days and receive a full refund.

However, if you repurchase a subscription within the following 12 months, you will be charge a two-month reinstatement fee.

What's the difference between "sites" and "site licenses"?

Sites in the SSCI service represent physical work locations or job sites where access is managed through a check-in process. Sites may come and go as projects start and finish. For contractors, a site’s duration depends on the start and end dates of a job at a particular location. For office sites, the duration depends on the lease terms or can be permanent.

Site Licenses are the number of locations where screening is required. Some locations may have just one area to screen at entry or more than one based on unique requirements for that location such as supply or equipment storage, etc. They can be also thought of as SSCI reusable capacity slots which are occupied by sites over time. For example, a site license can be used for one site whose job ends, and then used again for a new site whose job is just beginning. Media production or facility management companies, where time at job sites is short, might reuse the same site license multiple times in the same month.

Are site license subscriptions for whole months?

Site licenses are purchased in increments of one monthly subscription and they automatically renew. If you add a site license in the middle of a month, you are charged for the additional license. If you subtract a site license, your total license fee will be reduced on the following month’s renewal date.

Site licenses purchased by credit card renew one month after the purchase date. Site licenses purchased via invoice renew at the beginning of every month.

Can site licenses become inactive?

Site Licenses can be active or inactive. As your business changes, SSCI administrators manage the total quantity of licenses to closely match your number of work sites. The SSCI administrator app makes it easy to increase or decrease your license total.

At times, it is normal to have more total license subscriptions than you have active work sites. Usually, this is because of delays in the start of job site work, and it is easier to have site licenses in reserve than to try and match total licenses to total sites every day.  Most SSCI customers estimate the number of site licenses needed for an entire month, and add to that number mid-month if business requires more.

Think of a site license as like a job site trailer – you can use it over and over for multiple jobs.

What if I pass SSCI charges to my customers?

Since SSCI is affordable, most customers include SSCI costs as a component of overhead and allocate them across all of their customer markups.

However, if you do pass through SSCI costs, the SSCI administrator app includes a Site Details List Report that makes it easy to find out which sites are currently active:

Site Details List Report

The list can be exported and shared with Accounts Payable to assign SSCI charges to individual jobs. Most companies will include a job or project code when they create sites for this reason.

How do I pay SSCI by credit card?

Purchasing SSCI licenses by credit card is most efficient and secure.  License subscriptions will be charged on the day of the initial purchase, and licenses will be auto-billed at their monthly renewal date, one month after purchase.

An added benefit of paying by credit card is that when you add additional site licenses during a billing cycle, the additional sites charged on the incremental purchase date are prorated to the number of days remaining in the current billing cycle.

A second benefit of paying by credit card is that you can self service the number of required licensed sites through the SSCI Admin feature, eliminating the need to work through our support team to make adjustments.


You set your account to pay by credit card on February 7:

  • Your credit card is autobilled for the monthly quantity of licensed sites on the 7th of every month, say for example 3 sites.
  • You can change the quantity of licensed sites through the Admin app at any time. When you add to the purchased quantity, say 1 additional license on February  21: your card is billed for the pro-rated number of days remaining in the current monthly billing cycle (until March 6), your card is then auto-billed on March 7 for 4 license sites.
  • When you reduce the number of purchased sites, your next month’s auto-billing will reflect the adjusted quantity of licensed sites. Say on March 14, that you reduce the quantity of sites from 4 to a count of 3, on April 7 your card is auto-billed for 3 sites. Note, you do not receive refunds for reducing your licensed sites because the licenses are for a monthly subscription.

Credit card charges require the least amount of handling by our customer’s accounts payable staff compared to issuing checks or ACH transactions. Credit cards have a number of protections built-in, such as the ability to dispute charges or effect refunds, accumulate points, etc.

SSCI does not capture or store credit card information. Instead, SSCI uses a credit card service that has the most extensive security protections over card numbers and business information.

How do I pay SSCI by invoice?

Some SSCI customers will want to be invoiced for site licenses. Because this method is more labor intensive, we charge a convenience fee for invoicing.

SSCI issues invoices for subscription renewals at the beginning of a month. The number of licenses includes the current active count, plus additions that were requested during the prior month.

Site licenses added during a prior month are billed at the full month’s subscription rate to cover the cost of manually adjusting licenses, versus the benefit of prorated additions when you pay via credit card.


Invoice billing always occurs on the first day of the month. You are invoiced for the number of licensed sites as of the first day of the month.

  • Say you have 3 licensed sites on February 1.
  • On February 8, you request an additional licensed site. Our support team modifies the app accordingly. When receiving your March 1 invoice, you are charged for 4 sites to cover the month of March, plus you are also billed in arrears for the site that you added on February 8.
  • On March 14, you request the quantity of licensed sites to be lowered from 4 to a count of 3. Our support team modifies the app accordingly. On April 1, you will be invoiced for 3 licensed sites.

Our standard terms and conditions specify net-ten payment terms, but SSCI will not consider your payments late until you are more than 30 days overdue. Please note the mailing address for depositing your cheques included on your invoice, it is different from our office and mailing address.

*High volume check-In projects (greater than 600/mo) will incur surcharges. Contact us for pricing and discounts.

**Daily log data storage subscription for your sites continues until you request deletion or export.

Nonprofits may be eligible for a free Safe Site subscription.