EScreening vs Paper Screening

by | Nov 20, 2020

Paper Handling is Unhealthy and Expensive

Paper health screening and check-in forms are a potential source of germs; are often unreadable; are easily lost; are difficult to protect from the elements on a work site; and are useless for site management. But calculate the time it takes to create and handle paper forms, and those paper log sheets are also costing you a boatload of money.  Try our savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching to Escreening.

Calculate Your EScreening Savings

Assumptions for an average work site using paper forms:

  1. The labor cost per hour of a supervisor is $60/hr; a trade worker is $40.00.
  2. Five workers are at the site every shift.
  3. The site will be active for 24 shifts in a month.
  4. There is a line up at the paper check-in desk and workers spend two minutes waiting in line.
  5. It takes one minute for a worker to fill out the paper screening form.
  6. It takes a site supervisor 30 seconds per worker to confirm everyone checked-in.
  7. It takes the site supervisor 5 minutes to collect, transport and hand off the forms for filing.
  8. It takes an admin 5 minutes to scan and/or file the forms in case tracing is required.
  9. Every new job site requires 30 minutes to create and xerox paper forms and distribute to a supervisor.

Now let’s compare with Safe Site Check In with the same labor costs and shift sizes:

  1. There is no line up to check-in, all workers can use the QR code simultaneously.
  2. It takes only 30 seconds to be screened and check-in using Safe Site Check In.
  3. Supervisor confirmations take 30s using Safe Site Check In’s display.
  4. There is no time required for collection and transport at the end of a shift.
  5. There is no time required for scan and/or filing of forms.
  6. Creating a new site takes only 5 minutes using Safe Site Check In’s admin function.
Total supervisor cost per hour: $60.00 $1.00 per minute
Total laborer cost per hour: $45.00 $0.75 per minute
Avg workers per shift: 5
Avg shifts per site per month: 24
Avg active sites per month: 6
SSCI Fee per site per month: $99.00
Check-in task Paper Time (minutes) Paper $ per month SSCI Time (minutes) SSCI $ per month Calculation Notes
Worker queue time per shift 2 $180.00 0 $0.00 Workers*time*labor cost
Worker check-in time per shift 1 $90.00 0.5 $45.00 Workers*time*labor cost
Supervisor monitor time per shift 5 $600.00 0.5 $60.00 Workers*time*supervisor cost
Supervisor transport per shift 15 $360.00 0 $0.00 Time*supervisor cost
Back office Scan&File per shift 15 $360.00 0 $0.00 Time*supervisor cost
Site Setup/Management time per site 60 $60.00 5 $5.00 Time*supervisor cost
Subtotal $$ per site per month $1,650.00 $110.00 Sum of above
Active sites per month 6 6
SSCI License Fees 0 $474.00 Sites*SSCI Fee
Total $$ per Month $9,900.00 $1,134.00 Sites*subtot + sites*fees
Your Savings per month $8,766.00

That’s right:  Safe Site Check In escreening is about 8 times less because there’s less time wasted at the site, supervisor time is much reduced, and record keeping is fully automated. Savings in high cost locales will be even greater.

Safe Site Check In more than pays for itself.  Safe Site Check In requires no deployment of software or user training.  Our back end analytics and reporting capabilities allow project managers to optimize site operations and for one fixed price per site per month.  No software or forms or databases to maintain, we do it all for you.  That’s why the best run Construction, Engineering and Architecture firms use and recommend Safe Site Check In.