Jobsite Safety Begins with the Check-In Process

by | Apr 27, 2021

A Check-In Process That Improves Site Safety

Site safety begins at the front door. It’s your responsibility as a supervisor or HR manager to identify what conditions are a danger to your site, and give access or deny entry to employees or visitors. Whether you’re managing an office, venue, facility, or workplace, the check-in process sets the safety standard for all who enter your site. The simplest and most effective way to accomplish this task is with a check-in solution.

A complete check-in solution like Safe Site Check In can provide control over all who come to your site through verification processes, supervisor notifications, and management tools. Learn how a check-in process will give you better management and site safety.

Step 1: Verify Site Entry

When a person arrives at your site, you can prompt them to provide information that will help you determine if they should be allowed to enter. As the supervisor, you can set a series of customizable screening questions for a person to answer. Then, depending on their response, they are either granted or denied access. The verification process is helpful to operations managers who need workplace visibility over who is present.

With Safe Site Check In, users are given electronic badges to verify that they have been given access to your workplace. From the water cooler delivery man to your regular full-time employees, your site’s safety will be secure.

Step 2: Get Notified About Visitors

An important and perhaps overlooked aspect of check-in technology is notifications. These nudges are a great way for you to have instant awareness about what’s happening on your site. If someone was denied or granted access, supervisors will have instant knowledge via text or email. Any time someone checks in or even when the last person leaves for the day, you will be notified.

Notifications are useful because if someone who is supposed to be on your site that day is denied, you need to know immediately so you can resolve the issue efficiently. Safe Site Check In can help you save time and at $99 a month; it is an affordable option for any size company.

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Step 3: Manage Your Site with Digital Data

Last but not least, check-in processes give you the ability to manage a site, or multiple sites, with digital data. The information you collect is saved onto the cloud, where you can access, view, or edit the data at any time. If using check-in data to help you manage your workplace sounds a bit far-fetched, you’d be surprised to know digital check-ins are making their mark on large companies. For example, Ford, the automaker, has developed an in-house check-in system for its corporate headquarters to ensure a safe work environment for its employees.

If you’re searching for a check-in solution, look no further: Safe Site Check In is the total package. Get real-time access to information in an easy-to-understand dashboard to help you maintain a safe working environment.

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Safe Site Check In is an easy, customizable visitor awareness and safety screening SaaS application and online visitor management tool. With just the simple scan of a QR code, your screening processes are now paperless. A new site can be ready to go within minutes. Our system is completely web-based and there are no mobile apps for workers or visitors to download, no software to install, and no training required.

Whether you manage a small office space, multiple construction sites, or a large commercial warehouse, you can easily screen and check-in subcontractors, vendors, and visitors. The Safe Site Check In webapp keeps management informed in real-time, with full job site visibility, accurate daily reporting, summary dashboards, and contact tracing in just minutes. Click here to start your risk-free trial today.