Zovich Construction Safe Site Check In Integration Procore

Apr 19, 2022 | Case Study

Case Study

Zovich Construction

Commercial Construction


  • Confirm workers and subcontractors have read and understood safety and compliance requirements
  • Integrate with Procore to automate daily log data capture
  • Replace paper-based jobsite check in with digital solution


Use Safe Site Check In to:

  • Quickly and securely use QR code check in of 50-150 workers and subcontractors every day
  • Meet all state and local safety compliance recordkeeping requirements
  • Digital check in makes it easier to manage staff and always know who is on site


  • Saves supervisors hours per day by automating check in data capture and  eliminating Procore data entry.
  • Easily produce reports to verify and validate compliance
  • Eliminate admin time previously spent documenting worker and project status

SAFE SITE CHECK IN makes it easier for us to manage workers, document our projects and know that everybody on site understands and acknowledges the safety rules and regulations. Along with increasing jobsite safety and saving time by streamlining the check-in process, the ability to integrate check-in records with Procore allows us to better understand how each project is progressing.

Surya Teja Gullapally

Project Control Analyst, Zovich Construction

Executive Summary

Most of Zovich Construction’s job sites have between 50-150 workers and subcontractors at any given time. The process for signing in for the day, and for weekly safety talks, was to go into a trailer and fill out paperwork using a paper and pencil.

As California mandates required proof of COVID-19 testing or vaccination, Zovich knew they needed a faster, private way of checking in workers, conducting health screenings, and performing contact tracing, if necessary. The company’s search for a digital solution led them to Safe Site Check In.

The dedicated Safe Site Check In QR-coded poster was up in minutes, allowing Zovich workers to quickly check in and privately answer health questions. After using Safe Site Check In, Zovich realized the technology provided additional benefits beyond pandemic screening. These include:

  • Protection against liability with digital documentation and signatures confirming workers have read and understood safety protocols established by the company, state, or OSHA.
  • Always knowing who is or was on a jobsite and their assignment.
  • Confirm attendance at safety talks.
  • Encrypted agendas for site coordination.
  • Time and cost savings from streamlining the check-in process.
  • Eliminate administrative overhead and errors from manual data entry.
  • Easily produce reports required by the county or state on government projects.

About Zovich Construction

Commercial construction company founded over 40 years ago in Brentwood, California.  The firm specializes in mid-to large-scale construction projects.  These projects include offices, college campuses, libraries, fire stations, high school field houses and gyms, and transit maintenance facilities.