4 Benefits of Eliminating Paper Records at Job Sites

by | Mar 30, 2021

Job site safety is the most important factor for keeping your business open and safe. Efforts need to be well documented to stay in sync with local, state, or federal safety workplace guidelines. And nothing is more fundamental to safety than knowing who is at your job site and what they are doing.

Many companies are still relying on ledgers, notebooks, workbooks, binders, and folios that organize tens of thousands of sheets of paper tracking all of this vital information. But the paper trail can be cumbersome for a variety of reasons, and more companies are finding new efficiencies moving to a paperless environment. 

When it comes to employee and visitor workplace screening, a digital screening tool can reduce touchpoints to protect your employees and visitors on-site. It can also provide benefits that help you keep your business open and running efficiently. The team at Safe Site Check In wants to share with you how adapting paperless digital screening can pay off in great dividends.


Safer Job Sites

At any time, your construction sites have a variety of visitors. Not only do you have your work crew coming and going to your job site, subcontractors and other visitors may also check-in regularly to work on or finish various projects. 

Traditionally, we’ve used paper log sheets. Signing in with a form on a clipboard presents several challenges. The pen needs to be sterilized or replaced each time it is used, and multiple hands touching the same pages or clipboards can result in a transfer of germs. This has been a big change during the pandemic. Now, each employee or visitor on your job site can use their own device to check-in, and eliminating paper helps reduce the number of shared touches. 

A digital screening tool like Safe Site Check In has features beyond screenings, such as supervisor notifications, identification of subcontractor firms, and site/area assignments. With digitized information on hand, you’ll know who is on-premises in real-time.


Faster and Cleaner Check-In

Whether short-term or all-day, your business needs awareness over everyone on your job site. When people arrive, they want to get to their project. Standing in line to fill out a form with all of their personal information takes time, and when multiple people arrive at once, you begin to develop a long line that leads to delays and reduced productivity.

A paperless solution is the best way to get workers to where they need to be fast: no waiting in line. Also, how many times have you looked at the form and not been able to read a name or a number?  Digitizing the process gives clarity to safety compliance officers and job site supervisors. And Safe Site Check In allows visitors to check-in on their smartphones with no training or mobile apps to download.

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Better Organization

If you’re like most businesses that have been documenting on paper, those binders, workbooks and more are piling up somewhere. If you’ve tried to digitize them, it’s probably taken someone countless hours to migrate that information online.

If your company operates more than one construction site, you need an organized system that can make information easy to retrieve. Paper limits your ability to oversee your multi-site projects and does not give you immediate access to information. Instead of rifling through piles of paper, a paperless model allows you to have real-time knowledge.


More Cost-Effective

Most businesses don’t realize the hidden cost of paper.  Combine the paper with printers and ink, just observing proper safety protocols on paper can cost a pretty penny. Investing in a digital screening and check-in tool is the most cost-effective solution. 


Safe Site Check In is an easy, customizable visitor awareness and safety screening SaaS application and online visitor management tool. With just the simple scan of a QR code, your screening processes are now paperless.  A new site can be ready to go within minutes. Our system is completely web-based and there are no mobile apps for workers or visitors to download, no software to install, and no training required. 

Whether you manage a small office space, multiple construction sites, or a large commercial warehouse, you can easily screen and check-in subcontractors, vendors, and visitors. The Safe Site Check In webapp keeps management informed in real-time, with full job site visibility, accurate daily reporting, summary dashboards, and contact tracing in just minutes. Click here to start your risk-free trial today.

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