Assisted Living Visitor Management

Ensure the safety and comfort of residents with private digital check in for visitors and vendors.

Know who’s checked in and out, including their COVID-19 vaccination status, with our private, secure digital app that replaces:

  • Paper-based guest books with a confidential digital check in
  • Illegible handwriting with verified identities
  • Health screening forms with comprehensive facility- or company-wide weekly reports

Safe Site Check In helps advance healthcare facilities into the 21st century. It’s easy to use, provides up-to-the-minute visitor information to management and key employees, and keeps our visitor logs private and confidential.

Sandy Vasquez

Administrator, Campbell Creek House

Use Safe Site Check In to:

  • Document the arrival and departure times of guests and vendors as well as employees and contractors
  • Privately and securely upload images of vaccination cards with dates of inoculation
  • Know who’s entering and exiting a building for capacity planning, facility management, and staffing

In minutes you can create a custom QR code and a sign with your company logo to support an unlimited number of check-ins.

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