COVID-19 Check-In Apps

Dec 9, 2020

Covid-19 Check-In Apps

Check-In Apps Are a Must On Today’s Jobsites

Despite the pandemic, many jobs must go on, and employers are continually looking for ways to keep workers safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. A vital new tool in the contractor’s 2020 toolbox is a COVID-19 check-in app that quickly checks workers’ and visitors’ health onsite.

For months, many companies have been employing check-in areas for people entering construction sites. Typically, these entail temperature checks, sign-in sheets, and asking a series of questions. More and more, contractors are opting for online methods and apps to monitor their workforce.

There are many health screening apps out there that provide employers tools to screen workers onsite or even at home before they come to work. They are designed to comply with state and local regulations and OSHA guidelines. The software is cloud-based and secure, compliant with HIPPA, and ensures privacy. Options on these solutions include providing dashboards to manage all the data, sending out email alerts, and tracking attendance. While construction companies can use many of these apps, below are two that have been designed specifically for the construction industry.

Check-In Fast

Safe Site Check InSafeSite Check In was created just weeks after the pandemic took hold. It employs a cloud-based system where users scan a unique QR code posted at the jobsite with their own smartphones. A health-related questionnaire pops up on the phone for the user to complete, and they are either automatically approved or denied access based on their responses.


Notably, SafeSite stores the resulting personal health information on the user’s phone, not with the construction company, ensuring privacy and HIPAA compliance. Using the worker’s or visitor’s phone prevents the use of cumbersome paper forms or shared tablets that need cleaning. SafeSite Check In also gives contractors the ability to track site entry and exit easily and offers speedy contract tracing if necessary.

This system allows for a seamless, safe, and speedy entry to the jobsite. Safe Site offers an affordable per month charge for all visitors.

Choose the Right Level

BuildCenter LogoBuildCenter also offers a health screening app for the construction industry. This system captures attendance data and screens for Covid symptoms. It uses QR codes that workers and visitors scan with their phones. A webform comes up for them to fill out and users are approved for site entry if healthy.

“The BuildCenter Health Screening Tool gives a high level of confidence to companies and clients.” – Shaun Olson, CEO, BuildCenter

This mobile health tool has three plan levels to fit the needs of any size construction company. The basic level has the supervisor acting as screener, asking workers identification and health-related questions as they come onsite. This information is stored privately in the cloud, where it can be accessed if there is an outbreak and the company needs to contract trace

The next levels offer self-registration tools using the QR code. These higher levels are capable of capturing GPS data of screening locations and sending out automated email alerts. All data stored is private but can be stored in the cloud and used run reports if necessary.

There’s an App for That

Although not created specifically for the construction industry, there are other workplace health apps that accurately screen employees and provide needed health and attendance data management.

  • HealthChampion – Offers a Covid-19 pre-screening tool for employees. It is HIPPA-verified and customizable.
  • Remote Medical International – Tailors a Covid-19 assessment program to your needs. Their Safe Access tool is a mobile screening application that can be used onsite.
  • GoCanvas – Allows tracking of worker symptoms, exposure, and temperature. Then monitor data from a mobile device or tablet.

Even as vaccines begin to roll out, jobsite health screening is sure to become a norm in the future. As more site screening apps pop up for construction, and other industries, be sure to use one with the features and cost savings that work for your company.