Digital Screening Benefits Beyond Safety

by | Apr 13, 2021

Digital screening is the tool that every construction professional needs in their belt. While on a job site, project managers and supervisors juggle a variety of duties and need to ensure their teams are achieving maximum productivity and profitability. This is where digital screening tools can help. Beyond visitor tracking and health screening, a digital check-in app can help you achieve long-term safety and site management.

Know Your Site in Real-Time
It’s common for job sites to have a large number of subcontractors present to complete projects. With an average of 20 – 30 workers on-site at all times, these individuals come on site, do their job, and leave. Knowing when they arrive, how long they’ve been there, and what job they’ve completed is necessary for an efficient work environment. If your team is still using paper to manage projects, you will find it difficult to have job site awareness, especially if you are managing multiple sites.

With a digital screening app, you can easily be alerted in real-time when subcontractors arrive on-site. This allows you to know what companies are present across all of your sites and have better visibility on projects and productivity.

Avoid Accidents
Construction is a dangerous industry with roughly 150,000 accidents occurring each year as a result of site accidents. As a project manager or site supervisor, preventing on-the-job accidents is a crucial part of your daily responsibilities. Knowing who is coming and going on your job site can help avoid accidents. Using the visitor management aspect of a digital check-in app, your team can quickly have a clear picture of who is on the site and when they arrive.

Additionally, supervisors will immediately receive an alert once a contractor arrives on-site, giving them the ability to direct that person to a specific area on the job site. This process will eliminate unnecessary staff from locations on the site, ensure that the right people are on the right jobs, and help prevent accidents.

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Digitize Waivers and Safety Training
Ongoing training is a natural part of any construction business. As new equipment or processes are added to your site, it’s crucial that you distribute these trainings and information quickly to your staff. A digital screening tool can help you quickly assign training videos and provide online waivers for your team to sign. All of your training materials and waivers will be housed digitally so you can easily access them. You’ll be able to easily see who still needs to complete new training, and assign those tasks to the right people. A digital check-in app will provide a central location for all of your documents and eliminate the cost and burden of paper systems.

Digital screening is so much more than a health and safety tool. A digital check-in app like that of Safe Site Check In provides real-time data and analytics for enhancing the productivity and profitability of job sites and projects. Along with those advantages, you will reap the cost-saving benefits of paperless management for invoices, waivers, and training documents.

Safe Site Check In is an easy, customizable digital screening tool with visitor awareness and health and safety screening, and ongoing job site management. With just the simple scan of a QR code, your screening and training processes are now paperless, ready to go within minutes. Our system is completely web-based: There are no mobile apps for workers or visitors to download, no software to install, and best of all, no training required.

Whether you manage a small office space, multiple construction sites, or a large commercial warehouse, you can easily screen thousands of staffers, subcontractors, vendors, and visitors. The Safe Site Check In web app keeps management informed in real-time, with full job site visibility, accurate daily reporting, summary dashboards, and contact tracing in just minutes. Start your risk-free trial today.