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Daily Log Data in Litigation

Safe Site Check In was covered recently in ENR Risk as the only digital jobsite solution whose daily log data can successfully protect a contractor in court. View the whole article here.

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How Jobsite Daily Log Reports Raise Productivity 

Superintendents, Safety & Project Managers All Need Daily Log Data to Raise Productivity Keeping commercial worksites safe and secure requires access control and attendance records. If you don’t know who is or was on your site, you cannot assure safety and...

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Use Jobsite Data For Construction Risk Management

Jobsite Data Benefits Construction Risk Management Insurers are the critical partner for construction risk management. But too often they are left out of construction technology (contech) discussions. That's a big mistake. Safe Site Check In recently had an in-depth...

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What If Jobsite Security Was Like Information Security?

Why Do GC’s Gamble with Security and Safety? Every company large and small now lives on digital data. That includes AEC firms. And before ground is broken at jobsites, most projects are now highly digital as they create and model plans. So construction jobsite...

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