Safe Site Check In: Millions of Data Points for Jobsite Management

Jun 27, 2022 | Press Release, Uncategorized

Data Reveals Construction Industry Increasing Reliance on Digital Check In for Workforce Management, Compliance and Liability Risk Mitigation

Pandemic protocol finds new uses on construction job sites to protect workers and general contractors

SAN FRANCISCO – June 27, 2022 – Safe Site Check In, the digital check in and jobsite management platform for construction, today announced the results from an in-depth analysis of digital transformation’s impact on construction job sites. The findings uncovered three significant shifts currently underway that impact hiring and employee retention, compliance and safety, and risk mitigation.

First, general contractors are increasing their reliance on digital check as the simplest, and often the first entry point to digital transformation. By replacing paper processes like worker check in and daily logs with digital tools on the jobsite, a contractor can quickly see time and cost savings that gives them confidence to transform other areas of their business.

Second, as the construction workforce shortage continues to impact project timelines, contractors are investing more in developing employees and using digital tools to help manage career development and reward milestones. By using digital worker profiles, they can easily record experiences, certifications, skills, and completed projects, and create portfolios showing progress.

Third, to lower the risk of liability and compliance violations, contractors are requiring workers and subcontractors to use digital check in for attendance and creating the daily log.

Safe Site Check In’s insights are based on analysis of more than three million check-ins gathered from over 1,000 construction jobsites, as well as conversations with commercial contractors throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

“As one of Safe Site Check In’s longest standing customers, we first relied on digital check in to keep workers safe and job sites open during the height of the pandemic,” said Jon Broyles, corporate safety officer, AMG & Associates. “As the product evolved into a critical jobsite safety tool, we now depend on its advanced features for managing workers, delegating tasks, verifying attendance at safety talks, reinforcing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance.”

The latest findings from Safe Site Check In reflect the industry’s on-going shift to digital transformation. In a recent survey on digital transformation conducted by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), digital transformation is a priority at 71% of construction companies in the U.S. with revenues between $500,000 to over $1B.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a set-it-and-forget-it project. It’s iterative as each function in a GC’s business is optimized through digital tools,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “Our latest insights on the increasing use of digital tools on construction jobsites is further proof of the industry-wide shift of more GCs adopting digital tools and integrating them into project management platforms for competitive advantage.”

This month, Safe Site Check In celebrates two years since its founding. The company started as a way for essential businesses to digitally check in workers and visitors and conduct private health screenings, contract tracing and vaccination record keeping. Based on customer demand, primarily in the construction industry, the company has evolved into a jobsite management platform for worker digital check in, automating the daily log, and supporting project management with easy integration into Procore. Today, construction industry leaders including BBI, Bond Building Construction, Exxel Pacific, Greystar, Landsea Homes, Leapley, Overaa, Pepper Construction, Source Construction, Timberline, Toll Brothers, and Zovich Construction rely on Safe Site Check In.

About Safe Site Check In
Safe Site Check In provides a customizable and private QR-coded digital check in and screening app and jobsite management platform. It is used in construction, commercial real estate, assisted living homes, and convention centers to manage workers, subcontractors and visitors. With setup in under three minutes, project managers always know who is or was onsite and can easily delegate assignments, onboard employees, upload site images, and support compliance with local and state mandates. As a standalone platform or integrated into a project management solution, Safe Site Check In data, analytics and reports provide insight on project profitability and productivity to positively impact a company’s bottom line.