Q4 Tech Report: Moving On to the Next Normal

Nov 18, 2021

lgo ENR

The pandemic forced adoption of new technologies, but what’s really changed?

ENR’s Q4 tech report takes a closer look at the technologies that emerged during the pandemic and their longer term benefits to the AEC community. Safe Site Check In is featured in this report as a technology that will continue to be used on construction job sites, even after the pandemic. Below is an excerpt from the article.

For companies that sprang up in response to the need to track workers during the pandemic, there has been a surprising response from customers who want to use their technology for other tasks. Safe Site Check In uses QR codes posted on jobsites to log workers in through a mobile website, asking about COVID-19 symptoms and tracking who’s on site for contact tracing. The company has added capabilities for tracking vaccine status, but users are finding ways to use it for general safety as well, says Tom Tortolani, Safe Site Check In. “A majority of our business now is people who’ve recognized that having an electronic audit trail of everything that happens on site is invaluable,” he says. In fact, site safety managers are already using the web portal to require visitors to watch safety videos or view updated protocols.

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