Safe Site Check In Features Advanced Data and Analytics

Jan 28, 2021 | Press Release

Safe Site Check In Data and Analytics Create Safer Construction Job Sites and Workplaces

Digital Check In and Health Screening App Evolves to Manage Onsite Workers, Tasks, and Buildings

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 28, 2021 – Safe Site Check In now offers an easier way for construction site supervisors, HR professionals and building managers to sign in employees and visitors, conduct private health screenings and contact tracing, and more effectively manage who is on site.

Each day, thousands of employees, subcontractors and visitors in architecture, engineering and construction use the Safe Site Check In app to digitally sign into a job site and take a private health screening. This saves companies hours of time while eliminating paper-based check ins and ensuring everybody on site is healthy.

With the latest release of the Safe Site Check In app, managers and administrators now have greater visibility into who, when, where, and what activities employees or contractors performed. They can also more easily capture and analyze data about job site activity.

When a worker arrives, they sign into Safe Site Check In using their smartphone and a unique QR-coded poster on the job site and take a health screening. Now, provided they are not showing symptoms of COVID-19, the worker selects the activity they’ll be doing such as plastering, tile, or framing. They also select where they will be working, such as  “west tower.” When they select the name of their onsite host or supervisor, that person is immediately notified through the app. The check in process is complete in seconds.


Along with boosting job site safety and security, Safe Site Check In’s daily activity logging provides businesses with better insight. This insight is critical for facilities usage reports, security, and reconciling hours worked against invoices, for example.

“Safe Site Check In continues to evolve in response to the growing market demand for an easier way to manage employees and resources on job sites,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “This latest release demonstrates our commitment to the current needs of healthy and safe workplaces during the pandemic while enabling customers to maximize their future investments in our technology through advanced analytics.”

Safe Site Check In is available as a native mobile app for Apple and Android devices, offering better performance on a wide range of device models.

About Safe Site Check In, LLC is a San Francisco-based app development firm. Our expertise in mobile and cloud engineering enables multiple industries to improve safety and productivity at work while protecting personal health data. Safe Site Check In is available for iOS and Android phones, tablets and any browser. Built using Google Cloud for continuous availability, speed, reliability, and security.