Saving Time and Money in Film and Commercial Production

by | Mar 15, 2021

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Film and Commercial Production Adapts to New Covid Guidelines

Film production jumped in February 2021. FilmLA recently reported an increase of 43.1% in film permit applications making February the third busiest month since June 2020. As film and advertising production resumes across the United States, producers are facing a myriad of issues and new covid guidelines for workplace health and safety. In addition to social distancing, safety, health and hygiene protocols, workspaces, producers are also required to have daily screenings of staff with data collection and storage for reporting and contact tracing.

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Los Angeles county’s reopening protocols for music, television and film production, known as Appendix J, is a 10-page checklist of the detailed precautions required and all on-location film productions are subject to strict adherence to these health and safety guidelines to obtain permits. A summary of these requirements can be found here. 

The industry adopted a new role of a COVID Compliance Officer (CCO), who is trained and certified to manage safety, record keeping, and compliance of all protocols throughout the entire production process and ensure locations are compliant and safe. Cost of a freelance CCO can range from $500-900 for each day of the shoot with additional costs for PPE and other expenses. Additional resources may be needed for larger sites adding significantly to production budgets.

Technologies such as digital, contactless screening can provide significant relief to the industry’s burden. As California-based Related Production discovered after using Safe Site Check In’s digital screening solution, it not only saved on the costs of compliance significantly but also several hours of daily administrative burden in the onboarding process, collecting, organizing and managing screening data. Jessica Ruiz, Executive Producer at Related Production, was able to finish five shoots across California, Oregon, and Texas with a single production assistant and without any IT skills or resources. She now expects to use Safe Site Check In at all of her shoots going forward.

With no user limits, software or apps to install and a daily price cheaper than a cup of coffee, Safe Site Check In provides a fast, simple and easy solution for producers looking to reduce their covid compliance burden, keep shootings on schedule, and save time and money. Try for free or see a demo at!