ThinkBank Events Defines the Future with Safe Site Check In

Dec 15, 2021 | Case Study, Event Management

Case Study

ThinkBank Events

Event Planning & Management

Create engaging and safe attendee experiences at in-person events.


Use Safe Site Check In to:

  • Streamline attendee check in and cross-reference with registration and badge pick-up
  • Digitize collecting and managing signed liability waivers
  • Comply with local and venue mandates for safety protocols


  • Attendees spend less time in line and more time connecting in person
  • Instills confidence in returning to live events
  • Protects event planners, venues and attendees by knowing who is or was onsite

SAFE SITE CHECK IN helps us create a high touch experience for guests. By streamlining and managing the check-in process, we have more time to connect with attendees and that is so important when you’re at an in-person event. Safe Site Check In reflects the new event protocols that are here to stay and instills confidence in the live event industry because attendees know we’ve done everything in our power to ensure their safety.

Meagan Cook

Chief Event Strategist, ThinkBank Events

Executive Summary

For event strategist Meagan Cook, the key to running a successful event is to ensure all of the planning and due diligence protocols are carefully considered and solidified long before attendees arrive.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the hiatus of in-person events, Cook used the time to strengthen her safety protocol skills and prepare for the eventual return of face-to-face meetings. Recognizing that in-person events would forever be changed by digital technology and new safety protocols, Cook began to explore QR-code check in apps. She soon discovered that while there are lots of options, only one solution addressed all of the following requirements:

  • Easily check in attendees at events of all sizes – from under 100 to thousands of people.
  • Upload liability waivers and streamline the process of digitally capturing attendee signatures for proof of compliance.
  • Quick customization to meet local and state guidelines for large gatherings and events.
  • Set up in under one hour.
  • Ability to quickly send a mass communication to all attendees in under 15 minutes.
  • Unlimited check-ins at a low cost, flat fee.


Cook selected Safe Site Check In as her go-to digital check-in solution for managing event attendees. After running a few events with Safe Site Check In, Meagan realized additional benefits from using the technology. For example, one location requires attendees to verify if they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. Using Safe Site Check In, Meagan can easily tweak the interface to ask the vaccination question and meet the venue’s requirements. “Safe Site Check In allows us to easily follow mandates and approach people with neutrality and empathy while knowing attendee check-in data is private and secure,” said Cook.

Also, since many large conferences tend to host off-property events, Safe Site Check In has proven to be a faster and more secure way of managing the check-in process and eliminating paper sign-in and literally counting heads as guests enter and exit a bus.

Additionally, Cook cites the following benefits of using Safe Site Check In:

  • Ability to brand the check-in interface with the conference logo, look and feel.
  • Run reports to cross-check registrations with badge pick-ups to know who has arrived and if they brought a guest.
  • Print the QR code on the back of name badges, allowing guests to answer questions each morning before arrival and receive a green approval screen to fast track their entrance.

    “I’m amazed at the high value and low cost of Safe Site Check In. Along with being incredibly responsive to our needs for customization, they offer a barrierless way to manage check-in at events while being easy for organizers and attendees to navigate.”

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