Safe Site Check In Protects Millions in Bids for Ampirical

Dec 3, 2020

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Touchless app for health screenings and contact tracing helps protect millions of dollars in bids for Ampirical


Many companies are still refining how they’ll safely bring employees back to the office. Yet not every business can operate with a 100 percent remote workforce. For some, essential employees need to be onsite at all times. Ampirical is one of those businesses.

An Inc. 5000 company, Ampirical provides electrical transmission, distribution and engineering services, and construction. These essential businesses support investor-owned utilities, municipalities, rural cooperatives, and industrial clients throughout the U.S. spanning Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Since Ampirical is in the electrical transmission business, safety is the one area where risks and compromise aren’t tolerated. Long before COVID-19, the company established and enforced the highest levels of safety for employees, contractors, and customers.

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