Workplace Safety Program Trends for 2021

by | Apr 6, 2021

Workplace safety is a hot topic for employers and employees returning to work as the pandemic dies down. Companies like yours are eager to get back into work, but face obstacles complying with local or federal health directives that can reduce productivity. You need a plan to improve employee safety moving forward post-pandemic.

Take your business to the next level by using digital technology to create a safer workplace for your employees, customers and visitors equipped with a mobile phone. Smartphone apps now exist that can make a strategic difference in workplace safety.

We’ve researched trends so you can begin the programs that will improve lives in 2021.

Employee Mental Health

Employee mental health has been a growing subject in the workplace, but this year it’s going to be more pronounced than ever. A staggering 42% of U.S. adults noted they’ve experienced anxiety and depression – an 11% jump from the previous year. As employees return to work, many businesses are adopting programs to assist with post-pandemic stress. Now more than ever,  workplace safety is linked to your workforce’s mental health.

Predictive Safety Analytics

To get all workers and visitors comfortable returning to your workplace, your business must be proactive in handling safety concerns.  Reactive is just not good enough. We believe Predictive safety modeling will be at the forefront of workplace safety management for employers, programs that will help anticipate potential issues and create indicators that will decrease incident occurrence.  Some even employ machine learning software that can attempt to prevent accidents in their tracks before they occur. 

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Cloud Data Over Paper

Paper forms are almost always inefficient and encourage physical exchanges that put workers at risk of illness. Digital solutions not only reduce touch points but initiate downstream data effects that improve profitability. Deloitte noted 45% of companies reporting a positive business impact of digital transformation also reported higher net revenue growth. No matter your industry, digitizing your workplace processes has advantages, saving time, providing access to real-time information, and increasing collaboration.

Digital Check-Ins

In the past, a guest or visitor who came into your workplace would have to check in with a pen and paper or make contact with a supervising employee. That’s not best practice anymore.  Today, digital check-ins are becoming the norm, changing the way businesses can use data to manage workplaces.  The pandemic made digital check-ins necessary, but their data is proving to be an essential part of workplace management.


Safe Site Check In is our customizable site awareness and safety screening application.  Safe Site Check In, protects your employees and visitors because they use their personal devices to sign in.  Workplace managers can create a customized site sign with a unique QR code and be ready to go within minutes.  Like streaming services, the system is completely web-based: There are no apps for workers or visitors to download, no software to install, and best of all, no training required. 

Whether you manage a small office space, multiple construction sites, or a large commercial warehouse, you can easily screen all staffers, subcontractors, vendors, and visitors. The Safe Site Check In web app keeps management informed in real-time, with full job site visibility, accurate daily reporting, summary dashboards, and if the worst happens, contact tracing reports can be created in just minutes. Start your risk-free trial today.