3 Common Safety Compliance Mistakes

by | May 4, 2021

Avoid These Safety Compliance Mistakes at Your Business

Safety is all about proactive prevention, and OSHA is tightening its compliance protocols. More than citation costs, OSHA violations can put your business at risk by getting removed from bid lists, or increased insurance costs. Here are some compliance mistakes you should avoid.

Have Written Safety Protocols

When an employee breaks safety protocol on your site, both you and the employee should know what the issue was, what the disciplinary action is, and what happens if the incident occurs again. Having written safety rules on your construction site or workplace helps ensure incidents are avoided and that the proper corrective or disciplinary action is taken. Accident-prone or careless employees put others at risk.

Document Incidents

Documentation is critical for proving to inspectors that you have an effective process. Written rules and documented processes also help in the event there are legal proceedings, mediation or arbitration, but only if incidents are properly and immediately recorded.

Take Corrective Action

Another common mistake in safety compliance is failing to correct past incidents and take steps to prevent recurrence. If an employee has broken protocols repeatedly on your site, it can create an unsafe environment for the rest of your crew and anyone else coming to your job site.

OSHA has cited employers for failing to fix persistent issues under section 1910.119(f)(4), stating, “These safe work practices shall apply to employees and contractor employees.” No matter how big or small, it’s essential to correct the behavior that puts others in danger.

Case Study: BBI Construction Improves Safety on Multifamily Jobsites

Accelerate Safety Process Adoption

Safety system implementations are a cost many businesses would like to avoid. Worker and subcontractor training can be time consuming, and monitoring and correcting deficiencies can slow job progression.

Mobile digital technology can help make the transition to a new safety system smoother and easier. For example, digital videos, online quiz and survey forms can substitute for many in-person training sessions. There are also emerging “augmented reality” solutions coming to market, although they are likely appropriate only for the most sophisticated equipment use.

Know Who’s On Your Site

Nothing is more fundamental to site safety than knowing who is on a site and what they are doing. Rather than paper, a digital screening and check-in solution for site management greatly improves safety. Using any mobile or desktop device, you will know who is on your site in real time, give new workers training tasks to complete, assign their site location and notify supers on arrival.

Safe Site Check In customers agree that the web app has helped them avoid OSHA incidents and stay on bid lists with site check-in tech.

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