A Solution for Construction Labor Shortages in 2021

by | Jul 25, 2021

The Construction Industry Is Facing Labor Shortages

Project managers across the nation are noticing serious labor shortages. According to an analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released by Associated Builders and Contractors, construction companies will need to hire 430,000 more workers in 2021 than in the previous year.

“According to forecasts analyzed during the COVID-19 pandemic, an impressive 430,000 more construction workers still need to be hired in 2021 to meet the demand, evidence that the construction industry is powering America’s recovery and economic engine,” said ABC President and CEO Michael Bellaman.

It was also found that every $1 billion in extra construction spending generates an average of at least 5,700 construction jobs.

When considering both the need and cost of hiring more construction workers, construction managers will need to obtain full job site visibility in a quick and affordable manner to keep projects moving forward on time and on budget.

Adapt to Construction Worker Increases with Job Site Visibility

As more workers and subcontractors are required on a project, there is an increase in the need for both seamless processes and greater attention to safety protocols. One factor that addresses both of these needs is the establishment of job site visibility.

Complete job site visibility is more important now than in years past. With a new “Roaring 20s” trend in the construction industry and more workers coming and going on the job site, managers can no longer rely on estimates, paper, and manual entry for daily logs. They need easy and instant access to trusted information about their workers and visitors, so they can instead spend their valuable time focusing on getting the job done.

The construction labor shortage paired with unpredictable pandemic protocols also requires the ability to adapt to fast-changing screening and safety verification requirements. Time is money in the construction industry, and managers need to find a single solution that can keep up with compliance needs while also adapting seamlessly to their daily project processes. We discuss a highly successful and affordable solution below.

Adjust to Industry Changes Seamlessly with Safe Site Check In

With budget constraints, large staff numbers, and strict timelines, Safe Site Check In (SSCI) is your best bet for ensuring you have full site visibility. SSCI makes construction site visibility quick, easy, paperless, and affordable. It’s a digital site management tool that collects visitor data automatically, making job site control easier than ever. Managers or admins can set up check-in sites in minutes, then customize and adapt to change as workplace requirements evolve. Our back-end data repository makes it easy to validate everyone who was on your site, when they arrived, and for how long.

See how Safe Site Check In can adapt to the increase in construction workers on your job site by taking advantage of our free trial offer.