4 Statistics That May Make You Rethink Your Site Management

by | Jul 6, 2021

Managing a construction site is a huge responsibility. It’s not just ensuring that projects get done on time and on budget – it’s also making sure that those who work at and visit your site are safe and accounted for. So what’s the best strategy for total site visibility? We’ll get into that later on. First, let’s talk about important construction statistics that may affect your jobsite’s safety.

U.S. construction spending totaled $1.3 trillion in 2019.

Yes, the number is impressive, but how does this align with safety? With high costs and low budgets, you may decide to cut down in certain areas. The things you choose to remove or scale down on may actually be affecting the safety of your jobsite. In this case, you need to implement programs and systems that are both affordable and effective.

The average construction backlog is 7.5 months as of September 2020.

This is a crucial statistic when it comes to safety. Many projects will fall victim to compressed timelines, with project managers that are anxious to wrap up one project to move onto the next. When you’re worried about the big factors that impact the progress of a project, day-to-day things like safety and keeping up with daily logs can get lost in the chaos. But it’s important to remember that those things can’t slip through the cracks. Check out the statistic below, and you’ll see what we mean.

One in five U.S. worker deaths were in construction in 2018.

Hence what we mean when we say that managing a construction site is a huge responsibility. Of course, ensuring that your employees are properly trained and the right PPE is worn is a big factor in this. But let’s not forget that having a general understanding of who is coming and going from your site is a crucial component that’s commonly overlooked as well. Not to mention the health risks that may be involved if proper CDC and OSHA guidelines aren’t followed by workers and visitors. Construction companies note that worker safety is becoming more expensive and complex, and 40% of businesses say that worker safety has been the #1 challenge over the past 12 months.

Beat the Statistics: The Management Tool Your Jobsite Is Missing

With overspending risks, a backlog of projects, and your workers’ safety on the line, what can you do to go against the status quo of these statistics? You can start by automating and streamlining the way you collect data with a digital site management tool. We’ve found a way for you to gain full visibility of your construction site, so you can save money, time, and implement an extra layer of safety.

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