Helpful Workplace Safety Tool for Human Resources Managers

by | Sep 8, 2021

We may sound like a broken record, but it still stands true – with the spread of COVID-19 still a threat to workers, workplace safety should be the top priority for businesses that have reopened. 

In order to keep your office, venue, or construction site open, you need a safe and secure way to manage visitors and deliveries, notify supervisors/hosts, and achieve compliance with local health and safety guidelines – without complex IT or software to manage. This ensures that workers feel comfortable returning to work, and it gives business owners and managers peace of mind that the right protocols and EEOC Guidance are followed during this time. 

We explore three reasons why Safe Site Check In, a digital workplace safety tool, is a no-brainer for Human Resource Managers.

Ease of Use for Human Resource Managers

Safe Site Check In does not require the installation of any software or app. It’s ready to go in five minutes, with no worker training required. User preferences also allow for easy navigation, where it can be used in either English or Spanish. For such a simple implementation, it’s surprising for many that this management tool has so many capabilities – from keeping tabs on who comes and goes in your office to ensuring all workers are properly trained and equipped with the right PPO. The possibilities seem endless when it comes to workplace safety. 

Customizable Workplace Safety

Safe Site Check In is used daily at thousands of locations – at construction sites, office spaces, large venues, clinics, and more. Better yet, each business can customize its program to the needs of the industry. There is flexibility to add or update questions based on mandates from the CDC or local health authorities – a capability that is crucial for many companies to stay in business. Safe Site Check In ensures every employee is safely checked in and following specific COVID-19 protocols, regardless of your line of work. 

Affordable for Human Resource Managers

To a Human Resources Manager, all of these capabilities sound great in theory, but most programs that offer them are extremely expensive to implement. We designed Safe Site Check In with this thought at top-of-mind, ensuring our workplace screening would be both easy AND affordable. Not sure if Safe Site Check In will fit your budget? Check out our Savings Calculator to estimate how much our digital site management tool can save you in the long run. 

Safe Site Check In for Human Resources Managers

Safe Site Check In (SSCI) is Human Resource Managers’ best bet for ensuring you have a full handle on workplace safety. SSCI makes job site visibility quick, easy, paperless, and affordable. It’s a digital site management tool that collects visitor data automatically, making job site control easier than ever. You can set up check-in sites in minutes, then customize and adapt to change as workplace requirements evolve. Our back-end data repository makes it easy to validate everyone who was on your site, when they arrived, and for how long.

See how Safe Site Check In can improve your role as a Human Resources Manager by taking advantage of our free trial offer.