How Employers Can Avoid Substantial COVID-19 OSHA Fines

by | Sep 28, 2021

OSHA Committing To Hefty Fines For Violations

In 2020, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) assessed over $3.8 million in fines for COVID-19 violations in the workplace. The majority of these fines were related to recordkeeping, reporting, and improper personal protective equipment (PPE). Many of these OSHA fines were a substantial financial hit to businesses already hurting project delays and other pandemic-related limitations.

In the upcoming months, we are most likely to see a significant hike in oversight and fines. The House Education and Labor Committee is proposing substantial increases to OSHA fines as part of the budget resolution for 2022. The committee seeks to raise OSHA’s minimum fine for willful or repeated violations to $50,000 from $9,753 and the maximum to $700,000 from $136,532.

This proposed increase in COVID-19 fines aims to support the Biden administration’s recent announcement that businesses with more than 100 employees must be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 or be subject to weekly testing. These soon-to-be-released OSHA guidelines have businesses across all workplaces and industries scrambling for health screening solutions to avoid steep OSHA fines and ensure the safety of their employees. COVID-19 cases can also contribute to ever higher worker’s compensation premiums.

For employers looking to get ahead of vaccine tracking, there is a simple digital health screening solution that can help ensure your team is in compliance with current local, state, and federal health and safety mandates in the workplace.

Avoid OSHA Fines Using Safe Site Check In

Safe Site Check In is a site management and safety solution for managing construction sites, commercial facilities, offices, and more. You can set up sites in minutes, then customize and adapt to change as workplace requirements evolve. Our back-end data repository makes it easy to validate everyone who was on your site and if they’ve been vaccinated or tested for COVID-19. And providing project managers a daily log becomes automatic.

Some of Safe Site Check In’s other notable features include:

  • QR Code that works on any device, no IT or downloads
  • Privacy Assurance
  • Affordability
  • Google Cloud Security and Availability

Safe Site Check In (SSCI) is your best bet for ensuring you have a full handle on workplace health and safety as these COVID-19 guidelines continue to change. See how Safe Site Check In can get you ahead of new OSHA mandates and fines by taking advantage of our free trial offer.