Job Site Visibility Helps Construction Execs

by | Aug 3, 2021

A construction executive has crucial responsibilities. They interact with clients, partners, vendors, and stakeholders while also managing deadlines, overseeing budgets, and leading project teams. These responsibilities create specific problems and needs for executives along the way. We discuss three ways complete job site visibility can help provide solutions to common challenges that construction executives face.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Proactive executives are always looking for ways to implement new systems and processes that will help improve efficiency. One way to do so is by gaining full job site visibility, where site activity is instantly synced from the field to HQ to be easily analyzed over time. With real-time access to daily reports, executives can establish a better understanding of why certain roadblocks were hit that affected the overall progress of a project. They can take note of what is or isn’t working, to then make necessary changes based on accurate data that are likely to improve future operations. With a job site visibility tool like Safe Site Check In, executives also have the ability to easily share this data with clients, project partners, and other important stakeholders.

Maximize Profits

Another important role that construction executives take on is budget management. In order to successfully oversee project spending, these executives need full job site visibility, with accurate data to back timelines, invoices, and much more. Job site visibility is a simple solution that many executives have yet to implement because they believe it will be expensive and complicated to deploy. Instead, they rely on manual data entry to track daily progress, increasing the chances of human error that can greatly affect the overall budget and project timeline. What many don’t realize is that job site visibility tools like Safe Site Check In are both affordable and require no training – it’s a simple solution for maximizing profits.

Reduce Risks

It’s critical that executives have access to who is on their job site, when, and why. This job site visibility reduces subcontractor risks by ensuring that workers are properly trained, fulfilling their roles, and clocking in and out on time. Furthermore, with ever changing safety mandates, construction executives need peace of mind that the systems they have in place are helping to enforce the most current safety regulations. With full access to site activity, executives can control screening and safety verification requirements from anywhere – reducing risks and saving time.

Safe Site Check In for Construction Executives

To help you balance the countless responsibilities that find their way on your plate as a construction executive, Safe Site Check In (SSCI) is your best bet for ensuring you have full site visibility. SSCI makes construction site visibility quick, easy, paperless, and affordable. It’s a digital site management tool that collects visitor data automatically, making job site control easier than ever. You can set up check-in sites in minutes, then customize and adapt to change as workplace requirements evolve. Our back-end data repository makes it easy to validate everyone who was on your site, when they arrived, and for how long.

Customer Focus

When the town hall in Fitchburg, Massachusetts was deemed unsafe, the city of Fitchburg called on Bond Building Construction to complete the building’s transformation. The construction company noted that using Safe Site Check In was instrumental in completing the project over the last year.

“Safe Site Check In proved critical to keeping our projects moving forward and keeping our team safe on jobsites.”

– Bond Building Construction

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