Top 10 Digital Check In Benefits

by | Apr 29, 2021

Benefits of Adding a Digital Check-In System To Your Business

Within your headquarters’ office and job sites, your business is responsible – and liable – for what happens there. The pandemic made this even more apparent. It’s likely that your company was required to health screen everyone – employees, workers, subcontractors, and visitors – who came within the perimeters of the workplaces under your “care, control, and custody.”

Now that you have gotten accustomed to using a digital health screening app, you should not stop. Why? Digital is more efficient than paper forms, and nobody wants sick people at a site for any reason.

Furthermore, the best digital health screening tools do more than indicate if someone’s not well – they capture who is on your site, for how long, and even what they have been doing. But you need to choose an app with a complete check-in process.

Here are the benefits that come with a complete digital check-in app:

1. Eliminate paper form handling, transport, and filing.
Instead, the check-in data is stored in the cloud for immediate and permanent access. Replacing paper with data is almost always an improvement to business productivity.

2. Know who is on-site, where, and how long.
Think of the number of times you had to ask “did so-and-so show up” or “where is so-and-so?” Now you can know “who, where, and when” in real-time without calling someone at the site or sifting through paper logs after the fact. Nothing is more fundamental to managing projects and safety within a construction business than knowing who is at your job site.

3. Collect everyone’s name, phone number, and email easily.
Before digital check-in, knowing the identity of non-employees involved guesswork, or phone calls to subcontractors, or paper log searches. Now you can access information to contact workers and visitors directly to resolve issues faster, or even in case of a job site emergency. And, in the case of legal disputes over wages, you now have data that can make all the difference to mediation or arbitration.

4. Ensure basic risk management.
Your job site requires attendance to be limited to a certain number of people who have a reason for being there. A complete check-in app will optionally ask why someone is there, e.g.: construction, inspection, owner or buyer tours, etc., and even enforce capacity limits.

5. Provide safety beyond confirming the use of masks.
For example, the check-in app can confirm that first-time site workers have received safety training, collect OSHA certification data, and can even deliver task training videos directly.

6. Have consistency across multiple job sites.
Using the same check-in app at the HQ and in the field makes safety protocols consistent throughout the organization and eliminates complaints of a ‘two tier system’.

7. Update supervisors with notifications.
A complete check-in app will have the option to notify a supervisor or manager when a visitor arrives to receive instruction or safety vetting.

8. Assign tasks to workers and where they are needed.
A complete check-in app can also tell workers what tasks they are assigned, or the area of the job site they should attend – a great help with subcontractor management, or handling deliveries.

9. Manage your site with check-ins and check outs.
Complete apps will also perform “check-out,” so you can also know how long a worker or visitor was at the site.

10. Accurate daily reporting.
All the above data at your fingertips makes the creation of daily logs and data entry into your core project management software easier than ever, especially for supervisors that oversee multiple sites in a day. HQ and site management begins to be even more aligned for improved productivity and profitability.

Early digital check-in adopters are now discovering additional benefits every day. If you haven’t stepped up to a complete digital check-in application, now’s the time to begin before the economic recovery in construction starts later this year.


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